Levitating gadgets and accessories to add more zing to your home

Floating furniture is the perfect example of the application of classical physics to modern furniture designs. Usage of magnets to elevate various sections of the furniture brings a great comfort. This furniture also gives your interior a vibrant look. This gravity defying designs of the furniture also saves a lot of space.

One of the advantages of using the floating furniture and floating accessories is that they can be easily cleaned. Since the complete body of the furniture is elevated from the ground, each and every corner of the furniture can be reached for the purpose of cleaning. Now, floating and revolving designs of furniture and accessories are not only found in the science fiction movies and story books, but you can also own some of these exciting designs to enhance the beauty of your own house.

Float table


This amazing piece of art is made of small cubes. These small cubes are magnetized in such a way that it repels when one cube is stacked upon another. The repealing causes the cubes to create spaces between each other. This gives the impression that the cubes are floating. To maintain an equilibrium, and in order to keep the cubes together, tensile steel cables are attached within the gaps. One advantage of using such a furniture is that you can have a range of sizes depending on the number of cubes being used. Thus, these cubes would fit any room size.

Magnetic Floating Bed


If you ever want to experience sleeping in the midair then you must try out the Magnetic Floating Bed. The magnetic bed would actually make you feel that you are sleeping in the middle of the air. The bouncy magnetic repulsion would give you a great and comfortable sleeping experience. One of the advantages of using such a bed is that you can always balance the level of elevation as per your need.

If you have ever dreamt of sleeping on a flying carpet, this would give you a similar experience. These beds would cost you around US$1,533,419.

ZeroN for decoration


The dream of elevating something by defying gravity has existed in the mind of the human for ages. There are numerous stories of flying objects has amazed humanity since time unknown. ZeroN is one such attempt to materialize the human desires to make a substance float in the air. The ZeroN uses magnetic fields to elevate substance like an iron ball in a free space.

This looks amazing and attractive while being used as a decorative accessory in a house. The floating ball can be a center of attraction for the guest coming to your house. Gazing at the marvelous design of ZeroN give a deep happiness. The various movements it makes under the influence of the magnet amazes you from moment to moment.

Lyfe Levitating Planter


If you want to witness a plant growing in the midair then you may pick up a Lyfe Levitating Planter. This is a beautiful pot which rotates in the mid-air with the help of magnetic fields. The material used for the designing of the planters is silicon which is both light and strong. There is also a drainage system included in the pot to drain out excessive water. The magnetic planter would let you will enjoy planting and gardening like never before.

Floating Lamp


The Floating Lamp would enhance the beauty of your room. This amazing piece of artwork would never fail to grab the attention of the people in the room. Floating lamp is a perfect example of the blend of science and artistic creativity. Floating lamp is a type of lamp that uses magnetic fields to create an illusion. The upper part of the lamp elevated in the air. It seems like a magical spell that makes the part of the lamp hang in the mid-air. The floating lamp would enhance is the elegance of your room interior with its attractive design and enchanting look. 

Magnetic furniture and magnetic decoration accessories will not fail to amaze you. The illusion of creating a floating object makes this furniture and accessories look magical.

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