Lifesaver tips to clean your house quickly


Cleaning the house doesn’t always means you have to spend an entire day in it. Imagine your friends have a sudden plan of dropping into your place for a get-together. What will you do? You have to prepare your house and get away from the mess right; it’s not that hard though. You can clean your house in a couple of minutes without thinking too much.  Just go by these tips to clean your house quickly for a start.

Building private and public spaces

How to make your room look clean and neat in a minute? This is one thing we all are worried about. But if you follow these instructions, you are half done. Yes, setting rooms for the guest can be the main purpose. Choose rooms close to your home’s entrance as public spaces. It can be your living area, dining space, and a balcony. Keep these spaces clean keeping in mind that guest may visit at any time. Tiny messes like papers, mugs or kids toy can be clear at any time and you don’t have to worry. The rest of the mess can be at other rooms that guest doesn’t usually go to. Just run a vacuum starting from the corner clockwise and you are all set. Cleaning the rooms that the only guest sees will form the image of a clean home.

Kitchen areas tips to clean your house quickly


Kitchen area can be the most cluttered place at times. There are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning the kitchen area. They are:-

De-clutter all the stuff

Firstly, the dishes are put directly into the dishwasher instead of cluttering the kitchen spaces and sink. Remove clutters from the countertops and racks anywhere you find a mess. Put them back in their places like cabinets, drawers. All the food packets and useable items can be put in the breakfront as well. Keep only the things which are required. Do not overstuff anything just for the sake of keeping it. Also, leaving any clutter overnight in the kitchen can make the whole kitchen area stink and horrible leaving a lingering smell. This is done to make your kitchen area very light feel. The emptier your kitchen, the cleaner it looks.

Clean the counter and stove

Now comes the cleaning part. Notice tough stains in your kitchen racks, on the stove, on the appliances and around kitchen walls. Kitchen walls often get dirty with oil spills and cooking and it makes the whole area untidy and dirty.  Use this quick tip to remove it. You can use a credit card to instantly scrape away the hard stains and after rub out with the sponge to tackle any stubborn stains and marks.

Floor cleaning

The floor cleaning is again the essential and final step of quickly cleaning your kitchen. Start with the corner, sweep the floor and then with the help of microfiber mop, give a fast once over with it and your kitchen is clean.

Make the bed- one of the best tips to clean your house quickly

If friends by any chance get inside your room, the first thing they notice is the bed. Bed gives the people the sense to settle down. Everyone notice bed first. If it’s made or unmade which itself tells the story of the cleanliness of your house. But yes, it would be great nice to clean your whole bedroom.

Using a dry microfiber cloth to clean out the furniture and work your way around the room clockwise. Mirrors and wall art can be cleaned using the long duster. These are just a few of the many tips to clean your house quickly.

Make your Toilet clean and hygienic

Make your Toilet clean and hygienicThe easiest way to quickly clean the toilet is with the help of baking soda. Put it in the bowl, sink and scrub and flush it. This is one way to resolve as to how to make your house look spotless. Accessories will glow in a minute. Now with the help microfiber cloth clean out all the outside tanks, showers and wipes the counter, vanity, fixtures, and handles.

Also, if you are in hurry, there’s no need for a full scrub, just swipe it quickly with a dampened cloth and drag down the curtain. Give them a quick swipe with a dampened cloth. Once you are finished with the accessories, you can start cleaning the mirror. You must wipe it out removing the effect of water vapor and steam as it can easily get dirty and ruin the appearance of your toilet.

Spread some aroma

After you are done with cleaning your home, make sure that it smells nice. Spread some cleaning spray in the air before your guest arrives. These tricks help them as it gives a feeling that you have spent hours and hours into cleaning. If you are not convinced of this idea; then spray out some nice air freshness which will make your home fresh and lively. After all smelling good is the main motto there. This is one of the quickest last minute Tips to clean your house quickly.

Add some atmosphere

Add some atmosphere

Avoid the bright light entering your rooms, yes, your guest can’t notice your dirty windows if the curtains are closed. As a whole, the brighter the light in your home, the easier it would be to mark the dust. Don’t turn on every lamp and try to not open all the windows and curtains which allow the brighter light. So, make the light simple, subtle and not so bright. 

Tips to clean your house quickly: – Last but not the least,  if you are still finding some stuff here and there and don’t know where to settle them, any room behind closed doors is fair enough to use your muddle storage area. Throw them inside quickly to organize them later.

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