Made from aluminum, Vegas Chest brings back the 1920s style back to home decor

Chests may not hold the same importance in the average traveler’s life as the preferred form of transporting their luggage, but the personal cargo holders of yore are still very much in vogue as a way to keep precious personal memories secure. Chests made of various woods are still a bedroom staple in most suburban homes and are used for storing stuffed toys, cushions and other items of décor. While metal chests are somewhat rare, they remain a popular option for people who like the look of the great containers around the house. This vintage looking all-aluminum chest by Kare Design is one such stylish decoration that subtly captures the spirit of Vegas and is also named after the popular party destination.

Vegas Chest By Kare Design

Inspired by designs from antiquity, the Vegas chest boasts of a simple metal-on-MDF construction that allows it to be used as a comfortable yet sturdy bench, a coffee table and a safe and non-rusting storage box. Metal studs around the ‘seam’ of the chest’s edge make the chest look rugged and masculine while the subtle cow hide dyed indigo adds a layer of sophisticated softness to the piece. Measuring 1.22 m long x 0.5 m wide x 0.5 m deep, the Vegas Chest also comes with a couple of pull out drawers at the bottom that are fronted with stylish leather handles. Visually, the chest offers a clever play of reflective as well as smooth matt surfaces that makes a great addition to any room as a standalone piece as well as a part of functional set.

Vegas Chest By Kare Design

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