BaseCamp Portable Refrigerator for all your Camping needs

The outside weather is getting unbearable and this is just the right time to head towards cooler regions. But, what happens to all the perishable items, food and drinks, which you might be carrying while going for a weekend getaway in the woods? The heat will spoil all food items, leaving you in a lurch once you are deep inside the woods. Fret no more! Here is a portable refrigerator that will go places with you and make getaways all the more fun and lip smacking. Christened the BaseCamp, this portable refrigerator/freezer will answer all food storing needs, while promising to keep them in a good condition.


The generously sized refrigerator/freezer will easily fit inside your car. With a capacity of 42 quart, the portable unit will carry a good amount of stuff when you go away from your home. This highly engineered BaseCamp fetches power from the 12V DC power system of the vehicle to keep things cold when you hit the road. But, once you reach your desired destination it can be either plugged to any standard power outlet or will use 120V AC power from a generator to stay in a functional state. There is also an option to keep the refrigerator/freezer working while connected to the vehicle even when you are not driving. This has been made possible because of the use of advanced electronics, which will shut off the unit automatically that too before the whole battery has been drained out; making sure the vehicle can be started thereafter.

BaseCamp has a temperature range of 0°–45°F, which will keep most of the eatables in a good condition. The portable chiller comprises of a remote wireless readout, which makes it easy to read the current temperature of the unit. The presence of an internal LED light will make it easy to search things when dusk sets in. So, it’s time you pick the BaseCamp refrigerator/freezer and stack all your favorite eatable and drinks while you head on a long getaway or go camping in the woods.

Via: Cnet

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