Make the little things count in your bathroom


You’ve got a bath, a toilet and a sink, but your bathroom is missing one vital element – a personality.

That’s right – like every room in your home, you want the place where you shower, shave and prepare to face the day to be more than a slate-grey grind of a room. Instead, it should be a place where you can luxuriate, your very own Bathroom of Solitude.

But how can you give it that homely touch? You could start with a few of these handy tips.

The finest flooring

Getting the right bathroom flooring can be a balancing act that even the finest trapeze artist might stumble on. While you don’t want linoleum that will turn your feet into blocks of ice, you also don’t want carpeting that can be prone to mould and poor hygiene in damp conditions.

The solution? Keep your linoleum or marble flooring, but compensate with a few strategically placed bath mats to warm your cockles after a bath or shower. That way you get the best of both worlds – solid, hygienic flooring and a warm welcome for your soles.


Illuminate, but don’t blind

Have you ever turned on your bathroom lights and mistaken the bulbs for exploding stars? Probably not, admittedly, but bathroom lighting with too much glare can put you on edge more than standing on a cliff edge with The Edge from U2.

So, dot a few candles around your room when you want a relaxing bath, and invest in light fixtures that won’t illuminate you like a Christmas tree when you only want to pee in low-lit peace.

Counters matter

You might have wood “effect” or marble “like” worktops in your bathroom, but when time wears on that effect will fade, unleashing the tacky woodchip underneath.

Install some marble counters for added style and class to your fittings, as well as increased durability. More than this, marble is easier to clean in a damp environment and won’t rot over time like wood.


Brighten your walls

You might be a joiner fitting a bathroom for Marilyn Manson, but that doesn’t mean painting it black is a good idea. The reason for this is purely practical – mould won’t appear on darker surfaces. And leaving mould to fester can lead to respiratory problems after long-term exposure.

Paint your bathroom a light colour and you’ll find it more relaxing, as well as far more hygienic.

And, after all that, you’ll have more than a bathroom – you’ll have a bathroom with soul.

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