Make your life simple with these smart home products

The innovation of smart home products is a true gift of technology that simplifies our lives. Each design in the market helps us to save time as well as make our chores easy. Weather it is making a cup of coffee in the morning or even saving our energy bills or maintaining the temperature of our house, there is a smart home product for every requirement. Let us look at some of the products that can make our lives simple.

Netgear Arlo

Place this wireless camera anywhere in your house and be assured that your loved ones are safe. The best thing about these wireless security cameras is that they run with batteries, which last for a couple of months. These batteries are replaceable and easily available in the market. You can place them on the garage doors, main doors and various other places where you want to install them. They also detect any motion and send you notifications on your smartphone through the Arlo smartphone app.

MyQ Garage Door Sensor

With the MyQ Garage Door sensor, you do not have to worry about your garage door. All you have to do is install this with your present garage door and leave the rest to the sensor. The installation process is very easy. With this sensor, you also have a smartphone app that comes along with it. You can customize the settings through this particular app. For example, in case you forget to close your garage, it will automatically close after a particular time limit. It also notifies you if your door is left open. The best part about this sensor is that you do not have to physically go and close the door, you just have to push a button and the job is done.

IRobot Roomba 980

Household chores take time and one such chore is vacuuming and cleaning the floors. Well with the iRobot Roomba 980, you do not have to waste time doing this chore as the iRobot will do it for you. It not only cleans your floor but it will also ensure that your floor is cleaned. In comparison to the regular vacuums, this is less noisy and very efficient.

Sensors that let you know about any water damage

Do you know when there is a water leakage or any kind of damage in your home due to water? Well, with water sensor, now you can easily get to know if there is such a problem. This WI-FI based smart home product informs you when your basement is damp, when there is a leak in your washing machine and even when a pipe is broken. In case of a problem, you will get an alert on your smartphone telling you where the problem is.

Smart adapter that tells you more about your car

Home automation products are not restricted to your house; you also have certain devices that can help you maintain your car. One such system is the smart adapter for your car. This adapter gives you an in-depth analysis of what is going wrong with your car. Apart from that, in case of any emergency like a breakdown or accident, it automatically notifies your loved ones. Moreover, it shows you if there is a parking space available and notifies you when you have any problem with your car’s lights, wiring etc.

Keychain tracker

We often lose track of the place where we keep our keys. Well, with the keychain tracker, this problem can be solved very easily. Along with the tracker, you also have a specially designed smartphone app that you need to download. Whenever you forget where your keys are, you just have to use the app and the alarm will set off and help you to locate your keys.

Metalprogetti Smart Closet

This smart closet comes with various functions and features. It has a special dry cleaning rack that ensures your clothes are clean at all times. Along with that, you can manipulate your wardrobe with the electric motor and a special tag that numbers your clothing. The smartphone app lets you perform any activity you want. The best thing about this closet is that the size is customizable to suit your space.

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