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Making ceiling beams speak the design language of your house

The definition of style is very personal, some feel that a latest trend is a common thing to adopt, where as some like the contemporary look. By incorporating ceiling beams that beam at you smilingly, you can give you home a trendy appeal that will not go out of fashion.

Simple and stylish

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There are many examples in home décor where you will find style in simplicity. In case of ceiling beams too, a simple design can be modern and stylish. A tiled floor and concrete walls with a ceiling created with numerous wooden beams will be simple and stylish at the same time. It will be an icing on the cake if ample light is allowed to enter the area. The arrangement of the beams could be either vertical or horizontal as per your choice. If the room is airy and has a lot of light these beams can be painted dark.


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A contrast in the décor will produce a striking effect. Everybody will be able to notice the emphasizing factor soon. The exposed beams and the ceiling itself can have a contrast, especially in the color and tone. For example, a dark brown ceiling or you can say chocolate brown and the beams are stained in natural color. The effect would be striking, as the light shaded beams would be highlighted in the dark color background. If you paint the ceiling white and the beams are painted black, the classic combination of black and white would mesmerize you.


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If you prefer the country side appeal the ceiling beams can create a phenomenal effect. Ceiling beams with a rough finish, incorporated without staining or painting will give you a rustic look. Obviously, the décor of the room should be matching the rustic theme to get the overall effect. If you want a gloss finish on the wooden planks, a coat of clear varnish on the beams will do the trick. The rustic appeal of the beams will be intact as no paint or stain is being used, we are just adding gloss to the wood. The texture and grain of the wood will be rather highlighted.


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Ceiling beams can give your rooms a feeling of a cozy cottage. In the room with a vaulted ceiling, the exposed stylish ceiling beams will make you feel warm. Perhaps the ambience will remind you of a bygone era. Usually, the vaulted ceiling appears to be empty, with the incorporation of the ceiling beams, the space will be occupied.

In fact, if you wish to give the room a Victorian theme, ceiling beams on a vaulted ceiling will be the perfect choice. Alternately, if you wish to give this room to the children you can hang a swing for the stuffed toys from the beams.


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A large room, perhaps the living room in your house can be heavily beamed. Paint the ceiling in the background entirely white. The wood of the wooden flooring and the beams should be the same in case you plan to stain them.

Staining them in the same shade will bring a spectacular effect. The floor and the ceiling beams will have the same texture, grains and shade. In between the beams will be a white surface peeping at you. The room will look pretty decent even if you inverse the color scheme. Make the background ceiling dark and keep the beams and the wooden flooring light in shade.

Incorporate the ceiling beams in any of the above ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can change the appearance by changing the paint or applying a different stain on the beams anytime you wish.