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Tips and tricks for making the best of lighting for your home

Isn’t it funny that we hardly notice the lighting of an area when it is appropriate? We usually notice that only once the problem clearly manifests itself – like when it brings trouble reading. Do you have proper lighting at your home?Here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members to light your home appropriately.

Define your objectives

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Lighting an area is for getting a clear visibility, being able to do work properly and for beautification of an area. The lighting can be broadly classified into two categories, direct and indirect. The direct lighting is task oriented and focused on a particular area. The indirect lighting on the other hand is for creating an effect in the room. The first thing to define is that what kind of lighting do you want in the room, and then you can proceed to select the fixture.

Using multiple light sources

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Different rooms in the house can have multiple lights. Some lights for a specific task and the other ones to brighten the ambience. Like in the living room, indirect lighting for the room in general, and a floor lamp near a couch could be useful while reading there. In the kitchen too, ambient light would illuminate the entire area and the light over the counter top would be a focus light. In the bathroom, the light on the mirror should be such that it does not produce glare and a different light should light up the entire bathroom.

Recessed lights

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To produce elegant light effects recessed lights can be incorporated in the ceiling. These lights can swivel to focus in different directions. Recessed lights are available in different intensities, you can choose the brighter ones for a big area or fix a combination of bright and dim lights. Attaching dimmers with them will give you the liberty to brighten or dim them at will. These could be mood specific lights.



How can we not talk about the chandeliers? They come in a huge variety and numerous sizes. Choose one wisely according to the space that you have. Often people are mistaken about the size, especially the height of the chandelier. There should be appropriate headroom below the chandelier.

Chandeliers with different light and sound effects are available. There are ones, which can play your favorite songs when you switch the light on, they also give you the liberty to change tracks with the help of a remote. Chandeliers glorify the aesthetics of a room and can make a hell of a difference in the overall appeal of the room.

Lighting for secure exteriors of your home

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There should be appropriate indirect light for the front entry of the house, the area should be well lit. Also, the sidewalks and the entire boundary of the house should be properly lit. No light or poorly lit exteriors will definitely attract the trespassers and the burglars.

Extra bright light will increase your electricity bill and could be disturbing to the neighbors. Neither should it welcome the mischievous nor should it be bothering the people in the neighborhood.

Illustrating the exteriors with sconces

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Sconces pointing in a direction can emphasis on various aspects to beautify the ambience. It could be the plants or the architectural elements of the building or any artifacts that are outside. The lighting on the exteriors can be more that functional, as decorating the exteriors of the house is important too.

From the bedroom to bathroom, a proper light can intensify the appearance of the room. Just like the colors, which bring life to a room, lighting energizes a room and its décor.