Making the use of folding screens to accentuate your home decor

Folding screens are great additions to a home. Although their primary purpose is to divide a a large space into two smaller ones, they can be used for more than just that. Accordingly, here are certain specific ways in which you can use folding screens in your home. These ideas would surely make those folding screens stand out both in terms of looks and functionality.

Vertical Storage via Corkboards

folding screens  (1)

You can transform your folding screen into a storage compartment of sorts for your workspace notes. Simply cut a corkboard into small squares and insert the same into the screen. You can then use the same to hold important notes, pointers and recipes, etc. Improvise a bit by adding some pushpins to create a nice organizer that doesn’t take up much space.

More Space via Mirrors

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Folding screens can be used to make a room look more spacious. How you ask? Well attach some mirrors to the screen (preferably ones that are the same length, breadth and height) and you will immediately get the illusion of a much larger living space indeed. If large mirrors are not your thing, consider opting for smaller ones, or preferably tiled mirrors as well for a classier look.

Organizers via Blackboards

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How about using your folding screens as blackboards to note down important stuff as well as leave behind messages for your loved ones? All you need to do is paint the door of the screen with blackboard paint. Let it dry and you will be amazed at how well it performs it duty of being a communication hot spot for the entire family.

Photo Studio via Frames

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A really innovative way to use folding screens involves adoring them with some of your most treasured photos. Frame the photos and hang them on the screen to create your very own photo studio. You can also choose to hang artwork as well depending on your preferences. This is a great way to utilize a folding screen, especially if you live in a rental that does not allow you to hang any pictures or artwork on the walls.

Aesthetic Art via Frames

folding screens

Sliding doors do not necessarily need to follow the same old design. New designs in the market allow you to use these screens as more than space dividers without actually even transforming them into something else. For instance, the folding screen shown below is a statement art piece in itself and can really brighten up a space with its ingenious twisted design.

Headboards via Doors

folding 1

Another way to use a folding screen is to place it behind a bed to act as a signature headboard that would simply blow your breath away at first sight. Not only have the folding screens been painted white in order to gel with the rest of the room’s color palette, but they make an otherwise ordinary looking bedroom simply stunning and regal.

Camouflage via Screens

folding 2

Have a really ugly spot on the wall that doesn’t go away no matter what you do? Well instead of repainting the entire space, consider placing a folding screen in front of it. In addition to blocking out the imperfection, folding screens can make stunning backdrops for rooms considering the fact that they are available in countless colors and patterns.

Close the Space


Here’s another way you can use those folding screens. Remember that one window or door in the house that is seemingly too large? Simply place folding screens on both sides of the door/window to reduce is size and restrict the light that enters via the same. These would be the perfect options to let in plenty of natural light while protecting your privacy.


Folding screens can lend an artistic view to your home. You can use these screens in your home in several ways. From using them as mirrors, blackboards, headboards and photo studios to using them to effectively close spaces, the options for using a folding screen in your home are limitless.

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