Home Home Furniture Guide Meta-Fora Table by Adele-c is more literal than you’d guess

Meta-Fora Table by Adele-c is more literal than you’d guess

When you come across a table that is named Meta-Fora by its
creator, you automatically assume that it is a) based on some deep personal philosophy
that defines the personality and being of the designer or b) a visual representation
of an actual metaphor.

But the Meta-Fora table by Adele-c goes beyond the usual assumption
and simply delivers to the user a simple, multi-functional unit that has
nothing to do with metaphors at all! In fact, the original piece created by
designer Agata Monti is more a literal representation of a literal table rather
a metaphor for anything unless you try really hard to interpret its
straightforward lines and compare it to the human condition in some bizarre way!

Anywho, the Meta-Fora itself is a brilliant product that
comes with a simple design which boasts of many useful and multipurpose parts. Take
for example the fact that table comes with its own shelving unit which allows
it to be set up as a mini library, a full-fledged home office and even a

If you plan on using the table in an open plan room, you can
also use the Meta-Fora as a room divider and use it as a media center, closet,
dining table or even a conference room! The natural oil finish on the Okoume
wood makes the unit look fresh and fun while the sliding parts of the table
help create personal space and privacy for two or more users.