Milkmaid, a smart jug that detects bad milk and notifies the user via SMS

Milk can go bad without any prior warning and there is no way a person can guess if it is unfit for consumption till the time they taste or smell it. What may look perfectly fine when poured in a glass can be highly unfit for drinking. When out shopping, one can drop buying milk, thinking there is enough in the fridge only to find that it has turned bad when you get back home. If you have faced this problem and have found yourself in a guessing zone whether to buy milk or not when out grocery shopping, then the Smart Milk Jug named Milkmaid will definitely leave you impressed.


The smart jug has been designed by Quirky, a product development company, and will leave people in a state of awe as it will send an SMS on the phone when the milk goes bad or its content is low. At first sight, it looks like a regular milk container but makes jaws drop when people learn it comes fitted with technologically advanced features like sensors, antenna, SIM card and a GSM radio module. The amazing device works together with a smartphone app. Once the smart jug is connected to the app it will send instant information about the milk poured into it. Milkmaid will send a message to the user and put on display the milk temperature and its expiry date. The smart home appliance will also tell a user the amount of milk left, which will make sure you always have enough stock in your refrigerator.

Milkmaid will also give information about various recipes that can be made using spoiled as well as regular milk. It has been fitted with a battery that can be easily recharged to keep the device in a functional state. The smart device is still a concept and is not yet available in the market, but keeping in mind its usefulness Milkmaid will definitely find a spot in every house very soon.

Via: Mashable

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