What things should be kept in mind while deciding a new theme for grown up children’s bedroom decor?

Last time I decorated my son’s room, it was a superhero theme. He seemed to like it a lot. However, he has turned 12 this year, and has become responsible as well, because his young cousin has come to stay with us now. My sister’s son is 7 years old, and due to some reasons, he would stay with us, and my son has readily agreed to share his room with his cousin. I would like to thus, get some ideas for children’s bedroom décor that could make both of them feel comfortable with each other. I am more keen on getting some suitable advice over the furniture for the room, as my nephew is kind of shy boy, and I want him to feel comfortable at home. Can some expert please advice of some suitable measures that could be taken care of, while decorating his bedroom? Thanks.

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