Mini Excavators and solution to tight space digging

Mini excavators or compact excavators have become hugely popular on account of their capacity to work and move in tight spaces that larger excavators can’t reach. In general, mini excavators are the ones that have an operational weight within 12000 kg with the smallest prototype having an operational weight of 800 kg.

Mini Excavator

A mini excavator consists of tracks for driving force over rough ground, an upper structure housing the operational gear, compartment for an operator and a plowing arm. Mini excavators make use of the latest hydraulic technology to attain a multiplicity of diverse functions like pouring, digging, sliding, boom swing, and switching on back up attachments.

All mini excavators are now conceptualized on a zero-tail design which helps the upper structure to rotate a full 360 degrees within the width of tracks. This helps operators to work in cramped spaces and not think about hitting an object situated on the rear end of the machine. Offset booms or swing booms are also becoming a standard feature on several models that enables the excavators to dig within areas closer to walls, building foundations or other structures without changing angles or being realigned. Swing booms also help the machine blades to dig parallel to the tracks of the excavators.

Owing to the flexibility in operation and transportation, mini excavators are used by a variety of contractors from diverse backgrounds and can be used for trenching, concrete removal, harvesting trees,undertaking low-level excavation operations, mending digs, light demolition activities, house renovation and road works.

Mini excavators are tailor made to dig at a huge range of depths from a tiny four feet to a high of as much as 12 feet, while the aggregate digging depth of machines on the market achieving is 10 feet. The aforementioned credentials are sufficient for handling basic civil and residential construction projects. Manufacturers like Hitachi Mini Excavators have played a pioneering role in manufacturing cutting edge hydraulic mini excavators. The Hitachi Mini Diggers are perfect for tight constricted sites but can also work efficiently on larger sites. These mini excavators also comply with the latest safety standards with proven track record of compliance with T.O.P, R.O.P and O.P.G standards.

So if you are looking for digging in your area with tight space, you should try mini excavators as they will surely come handy, and save time and money.

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