Make simple fall decorations at home

Setting the table for a dinner party in the fall can be one of the most refreshing experiences. With a fresh palette of exciting, bright and warm colors to choose from, creating the perfect fall themed table could let you unleash the design diva in you. Here are a few handy ways in which you can create stunning fall inspired tables to wow your guests.

Bold fall decorations made from natural materials

1. Fall inspired table settings

If you’re looking to create a fabulous fall effect at the dinner table while keeping it on the minimalistic side of things, a fall-themed table setting could be your best bet. Simply choose and match your dishes and tableware in brown, red, yellow and orange shades.

2. Decorate your plates

If you don’t mind making your fall theme more obvious, then you can go for stylish and elegant plate decorations. Use beautiful leaves and strings of berries to create simple yet elegant napkin bundles or bake cookies in autumn shapes and cover them with glossy syrups.

3. Fall-themed centerpieces

If you have the time, energy and inclination to dive head first into your fall-themed table décor, then you should certainly think about making yourself a few centerpieces using fall staples. Use leaves, fruits and tiny dried branches to fill your table and create a fragrant and vibrant focal point for your table setting.

4. Use fall flowers as accent pieces

Flowers that bloom in autumn are known for their rich colors and deep fragrances. If you want to add an olfactory dimension to your table setting, you can always bunch together some of your favorite fall flowers, leaves and dried branches to create simple, elegant yet totally stunning accent pieces for a simpler table setting.

5. Make fall-themed candle decorations

To give dinner parties a mellow and romantic mood, you can create your own candle decorations using pumpkins and fruits or simply stick a bunch of long lasting tea candles in candle jars with fall motifs glued to them or painted on them.

6. Hanging decorations

Even though most of us have a chandelier of some sort adorning our dinner tables, a fresh take on the look could be to create hanging decorations that are suspended just above the dinner table or in its backdrop. You can make most such hangings using fruits, candles, leaves, flowers, branches, twigs and even small pumpkins to get everyone in an autumn-sy mood.

7. Adorn the chairs

If you’re not big on decking out your table but still want to add a clever autumn touch to your table settings, a simple yet effective solution could be to adorn your chairs with autumn wreaths, simple floral decorations or even a string of leaves and twigs.

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