Mobile Walls from KC Design Studio help you customize your small apartment

Living in a small space is never easy. Especially if you
have grown up in a larger suburban home where you had a place for everything
and everything had a place. But that doesn’t mean that living in a small apartment
in the city or a starter home needs to be the bane of your existence.

In fact, there are many products that help transform a small
open plan studio apartment into a cozy little home fit for a young family, a
couple which has just started living together or even a few flat mates sharing
an apartment to save on rent.

The two pivot room wall/divider from KC Design Studio is one
such solution that makes space division all the more intuitive for starter
apartments. The partitions are so created that they can easily be used as walls
that are easy to reconfigure and move around on demand.

The first kind of partition that the studio has created is
meant to be used as a living room and kitchen divider which can also be used to
unite the two spaces together and tie them up thematically.

The second kind of partition that the designers at the studio
have created is more of a full sized wall that can divide a large bedroom into
a bedroom plus study.

However, the same partition can also be used to maximize the
space in a large room by being moved to a side where it can serve as storage.

Both the wall/divider types are suited to all kinds of
apartments though a prerequisite for their use is that your apartment has
enough floor space to allow them to really work their magic.

Another plus for users is that both dividers are excellent at
providing storage so they can be used in homes that don’t come with enough built
in storage too.

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