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Most popular types of plumbing pipes used in construction

popular types of plumbing pipes used in construction

Nobody likes to call a plumber to fix choked pipes every week. We do so, when we simply can’t help it. There is no doubt that you must hire an experienced plumber for a repair, but not every time the pipes are in repairable condition . But rather than fixing the pipes, have you ever thought about changing them? Yes, if you select the pipes best suitable for your home, that would considerably reduce the chances of blocking and leakage. Depending upon the type of material used, here are some of the most commonly used plumbing pipes:

1. Copper pipes

Copper PipesCopper is one of the metals that don’t corrode easily. This makes it ideal for places where the ground water is highly corrosive. Moreover, copper is also very strong, durable, and also has a good availability in the market. Depending upon your need you can choose either of two varieties of copper pipe available in the market. For water pressure that doesn’t exceed 0.15N/mm2, Light Gauge is ideal, for higher pressures you should choose Heavy Gauge.

2. PVC pipes

PVC is an artificial material which has become very popular because of its significant advantages of most of the conventional pipes. It is flexible, lightweight, durable and extremely economical. The only possible disadvantages of PVC are that it can’t stand extremely high temperature and is relatively easier to counterfeit.

3. Concrete pipes

Concrete pipesConcrete pipes are generally used for heavy duty work. You are more likely to find them in rainwater or irrigation works. There are also smaller concrete pipes that consist purely of concrete, which can be used in houses, but the larger ones could be so big that you could enclose a small hose inside a concrete pipe.

4. GI Pipes

Since GI or Galvanized Iron Pipes are made of steel, they are quite economical. However, the iron present in them makes them more prone to corrosion, and that is why they aren’t suitable for acidic or soft water. They are, nevertheless, much stronger and are ideal for regions where there are lesser chances of corrosion.

5. Cast Iron

Cast IronCast iron pipes are available in variety of lengths and have been used as rainwater and waste pipes for decades. Nowadays, yet another variety of cast iron pipes called ductile cast iron pipes have become popular in the market. Although these are as strong as steel pipes, but they are a little costly and are normally used in public buildings.

6. Stoneware pipes

Available in varying thickness, these pipes are not that costly and so they are widely used in low-cost constructions. They are manufactured by burning soft soil at high temperature. But since you need skilled workers to lay these pipes, PVC pipes are quickly replacing these pipes.

Final Words

When you choose the best plumbing pipe for your home, you would rarely have to call a plumber. Remember, when it comes to plumbing pipes, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by just making an informed choice.

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