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Multifunctional ‘Feltstool’ for crunched space

Are you seeking for furniture that is not only handy but also resolves your number of problems? Team work of Can Onart, Elissa Myres and Bethany has come up with the modular and multifunctional solution hailed ‘Feltstool’. The furniture can be used as a stool, bookshelf or as a table. Sit on it or store your books or use it as a table, the choice is entirely yours. The deep U-s shaped impromptu bookshelf stool easily holds the thick books and also endows with a comfy seating. The eight layered stool is engraved with an epoxy resin and two stratum of veneer. The versatile bookshelf stool is a neat, handy and elegant piece for unraveling many problem at one go.


Via: Yankodesign