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Sleek, bending ‘Light tape’ is versatile

light tape
Electro-LuminX has manufactured an innovative and a flexible light strip dubbed ‘Light tape’. As the name hints, the light appears like a tape. The unique looking light tapes has additional functional than the LED or neon lighting systems. Light Tape uses electroluminescence as their light source that generates light by the electrically stimulating light emitting phosphors. Thinner than a credit card and measuring the radius of 2mm, this tape is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

The tapes can be fixed firmly to any surface or to the ceiling, which gives an unusual spark to your living room or you can also highlight a pool area. The tape has no glass, mercury or gas and produces very little heat. The durable tape requires no maintenance and the light is equally distributed through the whole length of the tape. Available in different colors these lights can easily break through smoke, fog, snow, and haze.
light tape1

Via: Gizmag