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Multiltouch interactive tables for geeky kids

Multiltouch interactive tables

Determined to make you jealous that your kids’ childhood experiences are more marvelous than yours, SMART Technologies are making the multitouch interactive tables for kids and elders. It is an established fact that children learn better when classroom sessions are more interactive and visual tools are used for communication. With the advent of touchscreen based technologies in recent years, a multitouch based interactive learning system is no longer only a part of our sci-fi dreams, it is very much real. Let’s us take a look at 7 such interactive systems that can change the whole learning experience of your geeky kids.

1. GestTable 42″ LCD Multitouch Table

GestTable ™ 42” LCD Multi-Touch Table

GestTable is a product from GestrureTek, a US based interactive technology company which was founded in 1986. They are the pioneers in multi-touch interactive gesture controlled systems for last 20 years and have technologies that are licensed by the big names in industry like Microsoft and Sony. Obviously there are huge expectations for products coming from a company of such reputation and GestTable does not disappoint. The 42-incher behemoth, GestTable features a multi-touch enabled table with a bright LCD screen with full HD 1080p resolution. The table offers fast response, precise and accurate tracking system, virtually unlimited number of touch points for enabling a lot of people to use it at once and spill resistant screen. GestureTek already offers more than 70 awesome programs to use with GestTable which ranges from educational to gaming categories. The table is also compatible with Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch support. It also has network capabilities that let you hook a GestTable up with a number of computers or even other GestTables.

2. Table Baroque

Table Baroque

Table Baroque is something different from the usual multi-touch based tables in terms of design. While the touch enabled surface looks pretty much the same with other offerings, Table Baroque offers different combinations of woods for bottom of the table. This table comes from MTS – DOC and contains a PC powered by a quad core processor and runs Windows XP, Vista or 7. Keeping the luxury in mind, the table also contains leg holders made of pure brass and ventilator grills covered by gold.

3. TableFX Interactive Table Projection System

TableFX™ Interactive Table Projection System

Another offering from GestureTek, TableFX is not a traditional table per se but an amazing technology that can turn any ordinary table surface to fully functional, interactive surface computer with multi-touch support. Sounds fantastic? Read on.

TableFX uses advanced camera technology and GestureTek’s fantastic motion tracking technology with fantastic understandings of human gestures to create a dynamic interactive table. It allows users to interact with simple hand and body motions for a breathtaking visual experience.

4. T3 Multi Touch Table

T3 Multi-Touch Table

Digital Touch offers their 26 inch T3 multi-touch table which is almost at the size of a standard coffee table that makes user interaction fantastically easy and uncluttered. Depending on the orientation of sitting pattern of people around the table, it automatically adjusts the contents and let users interact without getting in their ways. The table also offers standard wireless access and PC functions. The unit comes with optional credit card reader, a receipt printer and TV tuner. The table is primarily aimed at being used in restaurants and hotels and has dedicated applications for choosing drinks, table to table chat and requesting for songs from DJ, advertisement placement and point of sales integration.

5. Ideum MT2 Multi Touch Table

Ideum MT2 Multitouch Table

Iduem has launched its MT2 multi-touch level back in 2009 with a 50 inch screen having a resolution of 720p and multi-touch support. The display is powered by a 2100 ANSI projector having a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The device is durable and made of aircraft grade aluminum and a thick glass top. MT2 uses Natural User Interface (NUI) OS to power its hardware. As the table is primary intended for museum usage, it offers a multi-touch version of Google Earth, 3D model viewer and drawing applications. Third party applications are welcomed and developers are free to write their applications in standard languages and authoring tools like C/C++/C#, Java, Python and Flash.

6. SMART Interactive Table

SMART Interactive table

SMART Interactive Table is primarily aimed at children getting their primary educations. It looks almost like the original Microsoft Surface but comes in a smaller package. The device offers out of the box learning applications that helps to make learning fun and interactive for kids who can use all their hands and fingers to interact with the table.

7. SynergyNet Interactive Table

SynergyNet Interactive table

Another interactive table aimed at primary education, SynergyNet interactive table offers multi-touch based interactions from individuals and groups of people who can work with the device simultaneously. The table helps children to perform regular mundane class tasks with lots of fun and lively manners. The designers from Durham University are aiming to replace the traditional wooden desks with these interactive tables that will surely light up the students faces when they enter their classrooms.