Multipurpose cookie maker for baking and serving treats

The designer/manufacturer

Gregg Huberty with the inventive team of Quirky.

Cookie Keeper


A product for all cookie lovers – you can now bake and serve cookies using the same equipment. This cookie maker is made up of six silicone trays and has an ergonomic design. The silicon trays come slotted in a plastic stand. The apparatus looks nice when it is set up on the stand and the trays look really fine even after they are separated from the plastic case.

What’s unique

This cooking equipment can be used for baking, cooling and storing fare. One can also use it to serve out freshly baked cookies. Surely, there are not many products in the market that combine multitasking features with effortless user controls. The multipurpose appliance is definitely a handy addition to your kitchen.

High points

The equipment looks quite neat and can easily be used for serving out fare to guests. It is lightweight, so you can move around with it effortlessly, whether you are using it to bake cookies or to dish them out. The trays have a circular mark on them so that you know where to place your cookies. The trays can be removed from the stand, which allows you to bake and serve only the number of cookies you want. The trays are also washable. Just separate them from the stand and clean them out.


The product measures 7.5 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width as well as depth.

The silicon trays are oven safe, so you can bake cookies in them.

The outer case in which the trays are placed is quite lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Moreover, the cover can be locked in place so the trays will never dislocate from their position when you are moving around with the equipment. It also has a rotating handle.

The product is made out of silicone, metal and plastic. The silicone trays have a metallic border around them and the case in which they are placed is made from plastic.

Via: Quirky

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