All You Need to Know about a walk-In Shower Without Doors

Bathing, generally referred to as an activity to keep our body free from dirt and germs, is also a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for both the mind and the body. The importance of bathing and bathroom in human life is evident with the story of Archimedes when he discovered an important law of physics while bathing and then ran naked crying “Eureka Eureka!” The current and beautiful trend in bathroom design is the walk-In shower without doors. These are preferred for various reasons, such as style, beauty, space efficiency, etc. Given below are some basic rules and tips you need to consider while designing an open bathroom that would help you have an amazing bathing experience.

Tips to consider when you remodel your bathroom into luxury

Select a proper showerhead:

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Selecting a proper showerhead for your walk-in bathroom is very important to keep the rest of the bathroom dry and clean. You should place the fixtures and showers such that they direct water away from the other accessories and lighting. You can prevent your bathroom areas from getting soaked in various ways. While angled showerheads can result in water splashing, a rain-style shower that sprays water straight towards the floor can easily prevent this. For those who still want to opt for the standard showerheads, you should try facing the showerhead to the opposite wall. Another way to prevent wetting is using hand held showers with limited spray radius.

Make your bath area waterproof:

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Any bathroom should be water resistant to avoid slipping and getting hurt and to maintain cleanliness as well. Hence, while planning to have an open bathroom, you should choose materials that would resist wetting due to water. You should install tiles made from ceramic, glass, stones, such as engineered quartz, woods of specific types, porcelain, metal and other solid surfaces to avoid splashes and facilitate the escape of steam. A non-gloss finished floor will prevent you from slipping inside the bathroom. Do not use fabrics that are likely to be affected by mildew; moreoever the whole meaning of walk in showers will disappear

Make it warm and cozy:

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A walk-in bathroom is likely to get colder and uncomfortable, especially during the winter season, as there are no curtains or doors to prevent the escape of heat. In order to keep you warm even during the colder months, you should try placing a heat lamp or install radiant heat bathroom flooring, along with a heated towel rack at hand, to keep the bathroom warm and cozy.

Ensure proper drainage:

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Proper drainage is the most essential element to make a walk-in bathroom fully functional and working. It will prevent splashing in other areas of the bathroom or the room and will provide protection against skidding on the wet floor. In order to facilitate the flow of water towards the drain, you should build the bathroom floor a bit tilted. You can even add double drains for effective and easy removal of water.

Place bathroom accessories suitably:

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In addition, you should place bathroom accessories, such as soaps, shampoos, shower seats, and grab bars, at proper height, so that they are both easily accessible and safe from water.

Create a perfect blend of the shower and rest of space:

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An open shower has no specific boundaries and borders and hence, it becomes essential to choose materials that integrate and co-ordinate well with the rest of the space. For example, choose a similar tile for your bedroom and your open shower walls with only difference in accessories. This will highly elevate the appeal and beauty of the shower.

Be comfortable while compromising privacy:

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Walk-in showers are best for those who do not require complete privacy or can even manage in the absence of the same. For others, it might not be entirely comfortable. However, for such people, you have options, such as creating a half-wall or placing the shower in a corner of the room, away from the rest of the area. Even using frosted or textured glass will help you have considerable amount of privacy while having a refreshing bath.

Plan a layout for your walk in shower

Unless you have the overall idea of the area available in your bathroom, you can hardly get the best result of your plans of renovation. So, measure the entire carpet area of this refreshment room. Emphasize on its effective length and breadth along with the height of the ceiling too. Plot your entire findings on a graph paper to create a rough plan of your bathroom. Now, assume the area where your furniture and fixtures will be installed and the walkable space. This will give a clearer picture of how to do about with your renovation.

Depict your personality with colors

Since you can hardly deny that your bathroom is your highly personal place of sanctity where you can indulge in pampering yourself, so it must bear the sign of your tastes and preferences. So, before plunging into the final project, make a list of colors that you like. Say for example, start with the color part. If you consider that a bathroom is a place that rejuvenates your mind and body, get hold of green and shades of green. In case you consider it your private feminine space, select red based colors, like pink, light mauve, pale orange, etc. For a bathroom that stands for your sensuality, color splash with tones of red, aquamarine and monochrome shades. You can play with the color palette further and run your imagination to create wall decals in shades that match with the wall colors.

Go for universal styles

While designing and revamping your bathroom keep in mind that although it is your personal abode of indulgence but your family is also going to stay there. Moreover, your age and body structure will also not remain restricted to what it is now. So, take into consideration all these dominant factors while remodeling the loo. Therefore, incorporate features like larger doorways, wider shower doors, more space around the fixtures, showers will low lips. These functional detailing will impart a timeless posh appeal to the bathroom and you do not have to go for yet another remodeling, thereby spending a slice of your fortune.

Detect the essentialities of the walk in shower

You cannot overlook the functional aspects of a bathroom, thereby refrain on emphasizing on its wow factor only. After all, the room is primarily meant for showering and your stomach clearance early in the morning. So, make a list of things that are mandatory in your bathroom; such as a commode, hygiene shower, urinal, bath area, sink, towel hanger along with their specific fittings. These are a must in every bathroom. So, allocate the space for each of them so that greater area of mobility is there while these fixtures also get installed judiciously.

Maintain a visual symmetry

Whatever may be the theme of your bathroom, you need to maintain an overall symmetry. So, shop for the essential furniture and fixtures that are in the same color, texture and contour. Going for a strikingly different one will only make it appear odd man out. An expert suggestion on this is that do not go for bathroom accessories bearing a very rare color. You will be frustrated in searching for other pieces that complement its rare tone. It is also vital to choose the ones that amalgamate with the wall color of your bathroom too. Following these basics will help you to maintain optical balance.

Look for shower detailing of the walk in shower

In case of your shower area, you have two options available. One of them is a conventional bathtub, where you create bubble bath and enjoy a rejuvenating session. The other one is the custom walk in shower that harnesses the water power to relax your body and mind. Ask yourself which is your favorite. Install the chosen one accordingly in your bath area. In case of bathtubs, the modern varieties come with great aesthetics and extended functional features. Some even have options of heating up the water and creating bubble. So, you must never mind spending a few bucks to get hold of a luxurious one. As for shower panels too, you have a plethora of options like hand showers, telephone showers, shower tiles, overhead showers, rain bars, steam showers, etc. You need to do a market survey and find out the one that is best for your luxurious bathroom.

The luxurious detailing of the walk in shower

You can spend a few extra money now to go for detailing that make your bathroom more than a functional space of your house. So, the shower area that you have may be converted into your personal spa by installing massage showers. These superb gadgets emit water in varying intensity to give you an invigorating massage as you bathe. A steam bathtub will also be great options for your bathroom. An additional massage table can also be accommodated if you have the space. Some electronic gadgets like foot massager, hair dyer, electric shaver and face massager will take care of your complete grooming. You can look for built-in warming towels for your towels and wipes. A warming commode seat will also come handy in the coldest of winters for obvious reasons.

Lighting details of the walk in shower

Hang a chandelier at the soaking area to create the overall ambiance of a lavish bathroom. Install a number of lights of different intensity and functions to add virtual space to your bathroom. Incorporate a lot of mini focus dim lights around the bathroom mirror to make it look like a celebrity’s green room.

Summary on walk in shower remodeling tips

Revamping a simple bathroom into a luxurious one is hardly a challenging job. All you need to have is your inclination, eye for detailing and money. So, if you have these three things, the next time you plan for a bathroom renovation, you will be able to gift yourself a lavish counterpart. A walk-in bathroom can be very helpful to have a wonderful and enjoyable shower experience, provided you follow these tips.


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