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Openbook sofa, bed & personal library all at one go

With the limited space of the normal city dweller these days,
furniture design has been pushed more towards multi-functionality in order to
serve more than one purpose at the same. That’s the exact theme of the Openbook
sofa, bed and personal library where you can catch up on reading, sip along a
cup of coffee/tea, or simply get a power nap if the need so arises. The
innovation was put together by the creative studio, TILT who were aiming at
creating a piece of furniture which would serve multiple uses, and also look
aesthetic at the same time.

The sofa seat and the side panels, upholstered with select
fabrication, provides a cozy and private setting which one can use for reading,
surfing the web in privacy, or simply enjoy a quiet view of the horizon. In
case, one is a bookworm, and needs a private space to catch up on reading, the
high side panels offer a quiet corner much needed. On the exterior, the 2 side
panels double up as book shelves, and also places where one can put up
something decorative. When the day gets tiring, a simple turns this sofa into a
bed, ideal for a power nap. With so much in much furniture, one wonders if it
is a dream-come-true for the couch potatoes.