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Pill Pod: Bringing hospital care to home

Pill Pod

Designer: Kishan Patel (Leicester, United Kingdom)

People, especially those with poor memory or poor dexterity often forget to take their daily pills which results in disturbance in their medical cycle causing severe problems sometimes. Keeping them in hospital under the surveillance of nurses and doctors may look easier but can result in them being devoid of the emotional support and love they require from you. Also, it can be quite heavy on your pocket. The challenge to bring hospital like care at home grew lately and that’s why designer Kishan Patel from UK has come up with a unique and innovative solution. His project Pill Pod is designed especially for elders. In addition, its futuristic design easily grabs attention and reminds them of their daily dose.

What’s unique

This contemporary product not only stores pills, but also keeps track of the intake time.

High points

It is coated with TPE coating to enhance its durability.

In addition, its robust and user friendly body gives it completely rough and tough look.

The LED on its body reminds the user of his/ her total pill uptake.