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Pottery barn boy room beddings

Let your child enjoy the extreme comfort of the exquisite bedding quilts by Pottery Barn Boy. Each of the design is set apart, keeping in mind the room’s decor and style. What sets these quilts apart is the extensive use of colors, the bold stitching patterns and the colorful designs.

The price has been set to match the colorful ensemble’s hues. Perfect for providing a rich culture to the room, the quilt shall provide the apt chance to blend into the room’s interiors. Try out these designs and choose the best pattern, which suits your design.

Patrick quilted bedding

Price: $32.50 – $39.50

The cotton bedding is the very thing your child will love in his room. The colorful patchwork redefines the cotton bedding’s very existence. The sheets display the various types of automobiles children usually dream about. Right from some cool buses to spunky cars, everything is on display in bold colors.

What’s unique: You can customize the design of the quilt according to your whims and fancies. The decorative use of bold colors and designs lends the quilt a warmth of its own.

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Greyson quilted bedding

Price: $29.50 – $179.00

A subtle fusion of white and blue colors adds a delicate touch to the cotton percale with yarn-dyed fabric. The twill stripes and mini checks add an exuberance unique to the very quilt. The yarn dying makes the design very colorful, eye appealing and of course, very soothing. You child would just love to be tucked into the velvety softness of the bedding.

What’s unique: The softness of the quilt can’t be defined to any said limit. The excellent choice of colors, cloth and design makes it a very good choice for its price.

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Dino’s attack quilted bedding

Price: $29.50 – $179.00

The pure cotton percale has been beset with a friendly stitched dinosaur design. The toothy smile of the beast is adding a charm to the colorful ensemble. The interactive hues of the quilt are embellished with bold colors and playful appliqués.

What’s unique: The diced design of the stitching is what sets the blue quilt apart from all other quilt and bedding materials. The big eyes, toothy grin of the dinosaur is something which will make your child love the quilt all the more.

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Seacliff quilted bedding

Price: $24.50 – $129.00

The reversible quilting design has been set to please. Carrying forth a maze like design, the blue embroideries and stitching on the quilt will ensure it wins hearts in no time at all. Ideal for children’s beds, it plays a very crucial role when it comes to decorating the bed stead.

What’s unique: The quilt has been encased with a lofty polyester batting and has a tie closure. With a promise to win everyone’s hearts, the quilt has been simply prepared and carefully designed.

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Colin quilted bedding

Price: Sale $25.99 – $149.99

The Colin quilted bedding appeases the sports buff in your child. The borders of the quilt have been decorated with a contrasting border of blue and white while sports figures decorate the main part of the sheet.

What’s unique: You can have your child’s name inscribed right on the pillow cover. The name can be stitched on it, in a colorful set of hues and designs, making the ensemble attractive, colorful and a heart winner.

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Star quilted bedding

Price: $22.00 – $169.00

The first thought which will come into your mind as you set eyes on the Star Quilted bedding is ‘WOW’. Beset with a multitude of white stitched stars against a deep blue background, the stars literally feel as if they are shining out. Your child will be extremely happy once you tuck him into the Star Quilted bedding.

What’s unique:

Created to please, the ivory stitched stars add a glamorous sparkle to the whole getup. The design is definitely pleasing but the idea is what takes the cake in the end.

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Kingston Plaid quilted bedding

Price: $26.50 – $149.00

The Kingston Plaid quilted bedding means business when it comes to customizing style according to home decor. The perfect blending of red and blue awards the whole concept with a very intensive and bright appearance.

What’s unique: The bedding is reversible, allowing you to get double benefit for the price of one. With such an amazing quality, who would like to refuse such an extensive offer.

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