Prevent a fire from destroying your house with smart home technology


A house fire can be really devastating, not only is there a risk of lives being lost however, it can also result in us incurring a lot of losses. Every year a lot of people die due to house fires and a lot of lives even get injured. It is not just humans, but even pets who pay the brunt of something that can be avoided easily.  This is where smart home technology comes into the picture

Even when the investigations are conducted to understand the reason of why the fire started in the first place, most of the fires that broke off could have easily been avoided if proper precautionary measures were taken. It is only a handful of house fires break off due to situations which are not under our control.

Well the smart home technology has taken regular fire preventive devices and has added the smart bug into them so that they can do a lot more than just beep off in case there is an emergency. The devices that are there in the market today can do a lot more for you and make your life easy and simple. Let us have a look at the various devices that can help you in case of a fire in the house.

Fire detectors

fire-detectorsUnlike smoke detectors, fire detectors not only buzz off when there is a fire in the house, however with the smart home fire detector you can also notify the concerned authorities just with the click of a button. Some of them also come with heat detectors that can notify you incase the room temperature changes. Even like the smoke detectors, the smart fire detectors also come with built in cameras and can be connected to a smoke detector for better results. They also come with alarms that buzz off when there is a fire in the house.

Smoke detectors


In comparison to the regular smoke detectors, the smart one’s not only detect if there is smoke in the house, however, they even notify you. These devices can easily be wired to the present wiring of the house and come with built in cameras so that you can see where the smoke is coming from even if you are not at home. Some of them even come with inbuilt speakers that have customized messages that let the people know when they need to evacuate the house to prevent causalities. The smart smoke detectors not only notify you, however, it also lets you know the level of carbon Di-oxide there is in the house.  You will also get to know if the unit needs to be charged or if there is some defect in the unit.

The smart stove tops


One of the most common mistakes we all do while cooking is leaving the dish on the fire and step out of the kitchen. We can never say when a disaster can strike which can cause the fire to break out; well keeping this in mind, the smart stove top is something that can really work out for you. These tops are designed to automatically cut off if there is no one in the kitchen. The minute it senses that you are back into the kitchen, the stove automatically starts again. It also comes with sensors that let you know when the dish is done so that you do not end up overcooking or burning your food. Some of these stoves even come with a built in oven for those who love to bake. There are preset options and menus that you can select for your baking and grilling needs.

Smart outlets and plugs

Smart outlets and plugs

Even plugs and outlets are the cause of fires in the house, well thanks t the smart technology, this problem is also sorted out. Smart outlets and plugs are connected to the relevant apps that are installed on your smartphone.  Just in case you forget to switch off the plug or outlet; you will be notified on your cell. You can easily switch if off from your smartphone itself.  These plugs and outlets can be used for connecting your home appliances when you want to use it. You can easily get these installed with your present wiring.

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