Protecting summer outdoor essentials during the winter

As winter approaches, you will probably start clearing up all those items you liberally displayed in the lawn and backyard in the summer. It is considered essential to protect the summer outdoor essentials during winter so that you get to use them again next summer. Here are some handy tips that will let you know how to handle and store away these items efficiently before winter sets in.

Clean and store away outdoor grills and BBQs

outdoor grills

Summers are when we get to enjoy all those outdoor grill cookouts and BBQ parties. But we can hardly use these in the winter. You will need to clean the grill and BBQ carefully in order to avoid attracting pests and animals during winter. Scrub the appliances nicely by removing the parts separately (follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the same).

Apply some oil on the moving parts to maintain lubrication and prevent the formation of rust. Cover the grill and BBQ with a thick sheet of cloth and move it to the basement until next summer.

Take sporting and play equipment indoors

fishing gear,

As the chill starts setting in, you will need to start bringing in your outdoor sporting and play equipment. These will include bicycles, scooters, fishing gear, balls, toys and even sandboxes. Before storing them away in the garage or basement, clean them thoroughly, removing any dirt, grit or grime stuck to them.

Detach the removable parts and add some oil to the moving parts to keep them in great shape till next summer. Make sure you keep all the parts of the equipment stashed together so that you don’t end up hunting for the same as summer approaches.

If there are any of these items that cannot be brought inside the house, consider grouping them together after cleaning them. Move them to the front patio and cover them nicely with a durable all-purpose tarp to keep moisture, pests and critters away.

Clean and cover up outdoor picnic items


You will probably have a few umbrellas and seating accessories like cushions left standing in the lawn and backyard from all those summer parties. You will need to move them indoors for the winter for even if they are UV repellant, they can weaken a lot during the winter.

Make it a point to brush the umbrellas, cushions and curtains nicely to remove any dust or pollen attached to them. Store the items in separate covers, especially umbrellas so that they don’t become home for pests like spiders during the winter.

Take good care of outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture

Chances are you may not be able to bring in the outdoor furniture for the winter. If this is the case, then the best possible way to take care of them properly until the summer sets in is to clean them and cover them up nicely. Wipe the furniture clean with a dry clot to remove dust, dirt, grime, droppings, moss, bugs and pollen, etc.

Next cover them up with a tarp or a thick cover. For better protection, place 2×4 wood pieces under the legs of the furniture to raise them off the ground a bit more. This will prevent moisture from seeping into the furniture via the legs.

Clean the patio properly

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Don’t forget the patio while you are at it. As the part of the house that enjoyed the most traffic during all those outdoor parties, the patio will have its share of dust, dirt and stains that need to be taken care of before the winter sets in. Remove dirt and stains on the patio flooring with bleach free cleaner (choose one that can be used on wooden floors). Apply a coat of water repellent sealer over the patio to ensure moisture does not seep into the wood.

It is deemed necessary to take care of outdoor summer equipment properly during winter. From the outdoor furniture and deck to the picnic items, sports equipment and play items, everything needs to be cleaned and stored away properly in order to be used again next summer.

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