Experience the Uniqueness of Bioluminescence through Valo Lamp

Have you ever known of a bioluminescent light? If you have not heard of it, then you should check out this unique creation called Valo by designer Melissa Tanac. Valo does not require conventional electricity for its functioning. Instead, it works on the natural phenomena of bioluminescence, which is based on the generation of light by living organisms.

The design concept

Valo Lamp 3

You may have read about a few organisms that emit light. For instance, fireflies can generate light through some chemical reactions. Several marine organisms can also generate light in the same manner. The process is called bioluminescence, and it is the same concept behind the creation of Valo lampdesign. In this liquid light, unicellular microalgae called Pyrocystis Fusiformis are used to generate a spectacular blue light.

Actual design and appearance

Valo is a flexible light that can maintain two different shapes. It can have either a steady phase or a motion phase by maintaining a linear or a wavy shape respectively.It is a modular wall lamp, whichappears good both during day and night. There is no use of power, and it purely stresses on bioluminescence. There is also the use of easily disposable materials. The light is filled with water so organisms can have healthy cultivation.

Usefulness and ease of use

Valo Lamp 1

This lightis interactive and is simple to use and install. You only need to take care that the holes are drilled at the right spots on your wall so the multi-lamp trail can be installed accurately.You receive proper instructions on purchase forthe disposal of materials or fixing the light upon your wall. You can also change the shape easily from linear to wavy with minimal interaction.

Product performance

The light works well at all times. Its glow is also not restricted to a specific area. The light actually glows with a movement involved. It is transmitted from the first lamp to the second and so on. Thus, you can follow a trail of lights when you walk in the dark. There is a wider area illuminated by Valo.

Valo is an innovative wall lamp that works on the phenomenon of bioluminescence. With a domino reaction, it spreads light in a large area. The product can save on your energy bills, as there is no use of electricity.

Source : Behance.Net

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