The Quick Shelter Door: Emergency Door for Earthquake by Sung Young Um

The Quick Shelter Door


Sung Young Um


The Quick-Shelter Door designed by Sung Young Um provides an emergency shelter during an earthquake. It easily caves in from the center to create a reinforced tent to let you hide inside till the tremors subside. This door can be used anywhere in the home or office and can really benefit many people during an earthquake.

What’s unique

With increasing earthquake frequency and natural disasters, we urgently need a clever device that can save us from fatal damages. The Quick-Shelter Door can be really helpful to people residing in tall buildings. These buildings are likely to suffer serious damages and it is even advisable to avoid elevators during earthquakes. Therefore, an effectual emergency exit is needed to avoid the fatal damages.

High Points

This door features a handle, which is needed to be pulled during an earthquake that will loosen the device and will fix the upper and lower part. After that, just lower the upper part of the device to create a triangle, which will be easily fixed automatically to the ground. After completing the collaboration process, one can easily hide under the structure.

Furthermore, this door features a highly simple operating process to be used during an emergency. Also, it forms a triangular structure that happens to be the most resistant shape to heavy objects.

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