Shelvy: Small size modular shelf by Melik Kemal



Melik Kemal Sabuncu


With increasing space insufficiency and people opting for studio apartments, we need furniture and shelves that can offer a solution to this space crisis. To tackle this problem, designer Melik Kemal Subuncu has come up with an interesting concept of Shelvy- a small size modular shelf.

What’s unique

Crafted out of bent plywood, shelvy provides a solution for growing space insufficiency and ineptitude of our living spaces with a minimalist approach. Its small size and modular design makes it an apt choice for people living in small spaces or studio apartments.

High Points

Shelvy features a high mobility that offers you a liberty to use it in many ways and many styles. It boasts a fluent and curvilinear form that goes well with any kind of space or décor. Furthermore, its evergreen fluid design never gets outdated and always compliments your interiors.

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