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R2-D2 Coffee Maker to make that perfect cuppa for Star War geeks

It’s morning time and out you jump from the bed to brew a hot cup of coffee, which is a perfect way to start the day while a newspaper gives you company. If you love coffee and Star Wars, then the R2-D2 Roast Edition coffee maker by Instructables user iminthebathroom is bound to leave you impressed. The caffeine delivering device will bow down to all your coffee sipping urges while keeping up with the Star Wars craze.

R2-D2 coffee maker

The coffee maker looks nothing like the regular slow dripping machines that make you yawn even more in the morning while waiting to grab a steaming cup of coffee. The design comprises of an industrial BUNN dripolator around which the body of the most famous droid was made. It was built by using a mixture of brass, aluminum, steel, brass, stainless steel and copper parts along with a float valve. The eye catching coffee machine created by making good use of soldering, epoxying, brazing, welding and not to forget polishing for that luster.

R2-D2 coffee maker

The functional unit is not only good looking, but easy to use as well. All you have to do is pour water in its head and in no time at all coffee will start dripping through the filter or orb basket. Well, if you are dying to get this smart and funky coffee machine then the only way is to make your own by following instructions on the Instructables page. R2-D2 Roast Edition coffee maker will be loved by many and will be a perfect fit in the Star Wars universe.

Via: Technabob / R2D2Central / Dvice

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