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Rain domesticated: Rain water harvesting at home

The designer/manufacturer

The project has been conceived by the product and industrial designer Viseux Sanam, who is based in Paris, France. Space design, graphism and architecture are some other specialties of this Ensci Les Ateliers graduate.

Rain domesticated


A roof in your own home that can resolve water woes, this concept will be absolutely loved by green living enthusiasts and eco nerds. The roof will not only capture and store rain water, but also purify it. A filtering mechanism will be provided with this roof attachment, using which water can be distributed throughout the entire house. The mechanism will have a roof structure collecting rain water, and under the roof a sink like table will be placed that will amass the water collected. Near the table, there are containers of different sizes which can be used whenever someone wants to drink water.

What’s unique

There are a number of rain water harvesting projects being implemented all around the world, but very few of them are as convenient as rain domesticated. After being collected, space has been provided to store the water reserves also. The rain water collected is not always clean; therefore, one needs to sanitize before use. So, this innovative concept even fits in provisions to purify water that has been collected making it readily available for use.

High points

This is a much needed concept in homes, especially for the ones that will be built in the future. With water resources becoming scarce, a solution that eliminates dependency on external source of water supply is really an ingenious one. The water will be put to good use in this system as even the droplets of water dripping down will be used to hydrate small plants. The system also tried to make people aware about the need to conserve water and how difficult it is to source drinking water.

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