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Re-imagine your workplace with the Eggomobile workstation

Creative designers world over aim to create products that could add some fun and interest in one’s life. One such designer aimed to make work interesting for people, and consequently he came up with a super unique design that he named the Eggomobile.

A mobile workplace

Eggomobile workstation  4

By having a mere glance at Eggomobile, one can guess it to be a normal egg shaped mobile cart that will be super fun to ride. However, it is only after getting close to it that one can realize what actually the design is all about.

There is no denying that Eggomobile is a design that can add fun to your life but it has something more, and a very important purpose to serve as well. It is a mobile workplace designed by Kafedra Mebeli. Designer wanted to create something that could add fun in people’s life and their work routine.

Resembles a three-wheeler

Eggomobile workstation  3

Eggomobile has three wheels just as any three-wheeler has, the two side mirrors, and the bright yellow seat. As far as these three features are concerned, the Eggomobile seems a common three-wheeler but there is much more to it.

First, the egg shape of this entire project is so unique, modernistic and catchy. Now coming to the theme or the motive of the project, it has been created to provide its users an opportunity that allows them to have a mobile workplace.

The three wheels you see, enable Eggomobile to move from one place to another. For instance, you are the boss in a company and you decide to go to every department and inspect how everybody is performing. You simply suit in the Eggomobile, can ask someone to push it and you can easily visit every department while continuing to do your own work.

Moving office desk

Eggomobile workstation  2

The Eggomobile tends to add fun to your work routine by providing you with an office chair and desk that you can take anywhere you want. It is a superb way that can enhance productivity in office, as it allow you to move around in the office space or change your work location to break monotony without interrupting your work. The mirrors, additional lighting installed on the top, a glass holder, comfortable seat, footboard, grip, and the wheels make Eggomobile an ideal mobile workplace.

Eggomobile is a mobile workplace equipped with a chair, desk, light, mirror, footrest, and a glass holder.

Source : Behance.Net