Real Estate Beat: David Hasselhoff’s Encino house on sale

hasselhoff enico house11
David Hasselhoff, an actor and a judge of one of the famous reality show, puts his Encino house on sale. The house is situated in Louise Avenue, CA and covers an area of 8,947 square foot. Comprising five bedrooms and five bathrooms sits; the house is inimitable in itself. The entry to the house is through the double gate to a tree lined drive that leads you to a two storey five garage home. The interior features spacious rooms with the elevated ceiling that overlooks the backyard. Additional array embraces of a formal dining room, a screening room and an office. To add to the elegance and comfort, the house comprises a tennis court, a swimming pool with spa and two guesthouses. The inimitable house is listed at$4,195,000.

Via: Latimes/Realestalker

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