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Reducing the carbon footprint of your home and going the green route

It is a great feeling to be in the company of nature, enjoying the cool breeze, inhaling the greenery and imbibing the warm hues of the sun. Today, with high levels of pollution, air and water are being contaminated. Deforestation is causing the loss of greenery. If we humans take some precaution we can save and conserve our environment.

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Nature is the best companion that humans can have for, nature provides fresh air, food in the form of fruits and vegetables and of course, a soothing feel to our heart when we are disturbed. So, do not let this companion go off from your life and you can ensure by ensuring your home is green.

How to make your home green

Turning your home into green does not mean painting it all green. It means incorporating elements that are eco-friendly. When you use such measures in your home, what you are ensuring is not just a cool and happy home but also a greener environment. You needn’t spend a big amount on greening up your home. All you need is some time and zeal to protect our environment.

 Cleaning electrical Appliances

Maintenance of electrical appliances: If the electrical appliances in your home are not maintained well, it will cause loss of precious electrical energy. That means over working of your appliances and this will alone lead to environment deterioration.

Develop the habit of being without air conditioners. Switch it on only when it is required. If it is not that hot, then switch on a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner. Similarly, maintain a thermostat also well. Clean its filters regularly and do not put it on a higher temperature. Also make sure your windows and doors do not let out heat or cool air.

Choose CFL bulbs instead of the usual incandescent lightings. This will help conserve lot of energy.

 use organic vegetables

Go organic: If you get organic vegetables in your area, then opt for it. Organic vegetables are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilisers that are harmful not only the health of the Earth, but also to the health of the consumer.

Even for your gardening, avoid using harmful chemicals or fertilises. Instead use homemade compost. In this way, you can also reduce the waste of your house.

When you decide to paint your house, opt for paints that have less toxicity. Using the modern paints means accepting them with toxic elements which when inhaled, can cause serious damages to your health.


Using simple energy saving methods can help greatly reduce your carbon footprint, without going through any inconvenience. Homes can be huge carbon emitters, but intelligent use can greatly reduce the problem.