Home DIY Repurpose wine crates for greater décor options for home

Repurpose wine crates for greater décor options for home

A lot of us tend to throw out used wine crates periodically. Instead of doing this, you can repurpose these wine crates in and around your home in several ways. We have put together a list of ideas that would enable you to transform these otherwise useless crates into interesting and creative décor items in your home. All it would take is some time and effort on your end to get it all together.

The Quintessential Bicycle Basket

 Bicycle Basket

One of the best uses for an old wine crate is a bicycle basket. If you have a bicycle at home, consider repurposing a wine crate to fit at the back of your bicycle. This way, you end up with a really cool storage option for your exercise or picnic gear when you head out.

A creative ottoman

 A creative ottoman

Simply turn the crate upside down and strap a cushion on it. Voila! Your rolling ottoman it ready.

An innovative coffee table

coffee table

You can use old wine crates to make your own DIY coffee table, complete with built-in storage solutions. Assemble a few crates together (the open end must face outwards). Nail them in place and paint the entire structure a color of your choice. Your coffee table is ready. In case you want to use the space underneath the coffee table to store Knick-knacks, consider placing a smaller crate beneath for the same purpose. Add some wheels on this crate and you have a pull out storage space within minutes.

Shelves for the kitchen and bathroom

Shelves for the kitchen

If you have some old wine crates lying around and plenty of unused space in your kitchen, consider turning these crates into drawers to hold the dishes, cutlery and glassware, etc. In addition to creating a rustic storage solution for your kitchen, these crates will serve their purpose very clearly as well.

You don’t have to stop with the kitchen alone. Old wine crates can double as storage options for any room in the house, including the bathroom. For instance, you can group together a couple of these crates and install them on the wall to form floating shelves used to store toiletries. Better yet, you get a separate space for everyone in the family, thus minimizing the hassles of searching for your toothbrush and paste every morning.

Shelving units

floating shelves

In addition to the floating shelves effect, you can make use of the crates to create a standing shelving unit. Get some angle slots from the nearby hardware store and attach the crate to them, giving ample space in between the crates. When finished, this would create a spectacular shelving unit that takes the meaning of vertical storage to a new level altogether.

Shoe boxes

Shoe boxes

Another way in which you can repurpose old crates in your home is to stack them one above the other to create an awesome shoe rack. This would give you plenty of space to store all your shoes and the accessories that go with them. If you have more than a couple of these racks, you can create a separate storage space for everyone in the house. Paint them different colors and you will get a striking home décor that stuns everyone who steps into your home.

Under bedroom storage options

Under bedroom storage options

Old wine crates can work splendidly as under bed storage options. If your bed has open space underneath it, consider placing a few crates under it to store extra pillows, bed sheets, blankets and other items. The crates would provide a unique, rustic appeal to your bedroom.


Old wine crates can be reused around the house in many ways. The ideas mentioned above would help you repurpose all those wine crates you intend to throw out in the garbage.