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How to Get Rid of Mites

A mite is similar to lice. It is parasitic in nature, feeds on dry and infected skin and causes itching and pain. The scabies, painful skin condition is directly related to mites. Mites are not only harmful to humans but also to plants and animals. Little spider mite infects the plants. Some mites are attached to animals during grazing and cause painful itching or burning. To remove each type of mite, you have to adopt different method of killing. Here’re some instructions and tips that will help you get rid of mites quickly.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 20-30 minutes

Resources Required:

1. Ear dropper

2. Mineral oil

3. Vacuum cleaner

4. Sulfur lotion

5. Anti-mite spray


  1. Use vacuum cleaner frequently: The dust mites are the common species of mites. They are present in almost every household. They can be eliminated by vacuum cleaner. The high magnitude pressure leaves no space for mites to breed or hide in any corner of house. The regular dusting by vacuum eradicates the population of mites once for all.
  2. Use ear dropper to wipe out ear mites: You can use ear dropper filled with mineral oil for killing of ear mites, if you have a pet. Ear mites are commonly found in animals so if you want to keep your pet safe frequently check the ears of pet and use ear dropper filled with mineral oil to kill the mites before they harm the pet. Apply the oil on both sides of the ears.
  3. Use sulfur lotion: If you are infected from scabies, which is caused by one of the species of mites, apply sulfur lotion on your whole body before taking shower. It is an over the counter drug. It provides desired results within a week.
  4. Use anti-mite spray: If your garden is invaded by spider mites, then use anti-mite spray to kill them otherwise they have potential to harm the plant seriously. In order to protect the plants and save garden, you can also use predator mites to stamp out them.
  5. Constantly use vacuum and ear mite oil: If you use these two things within days your home and pet will be free from mites and once again start living life without any threat of damage by these pests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get rid of little red spider mites?

Little spider mites are commonly found in yard and garden and are sometimes called as yard or garden pests. They are difficult to identify because of their minute size and are usually underside of the leaf. They are identified on a plant by the brown spots, which mean plant is infested by the little spider mite. To get rid of little spider mites you have to buy hose, Isopropyl alcohol, spray bottle and Indian Lilac oil. Mix all these things in one litre of water and shake the mixture strongly so that every ingredient mix well. Apply it on the affected area and within days you will see desired results.

Quick Tips:

  1. Dust mites can be stamped out by proper dusting of whole house. Furniture, curtains and carpets should be cleaned with anti-mite sprays, while corners should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner.
  2. If dirt and dust are there at any place it becomes a breeding place for mites. So clean house regularly.
  3. Wash bed sheets and bedding covers often to kill mites before they start breeding and spread to other places.

Things To Watch Out For:

Animals that are left for grazing have potential mites on their skin, which may cause allergic reactions to any person who is in touch with them. So, it is advised to bath the animals daily to wipe out the mites from their skin.

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