Rules to Follow That Will Keep Your Small Apartment Eternally Organized

One of the cons of living in a small apartment is the really small living space you need to contend with. In addition to facing a lot of challenges in decorating and furbishing the space, you will have a hard time keeping the apartment clean and organized. Not to worry though for here are some tips that can help you keep your small apartment eternally organized.

Designate zones for items

A big blunder while decorating a small apartment is having every single item is placed in the center of the room or close to each other. This will lend a more cluttered look to the room. Creating more space automatically creates a clean look, and can be achieved by moving items into designated zones. For instance, place cupboards in places where they will be used, store away extra blankets in empty closet spaces and keep all office supplies confined to the workstation area. This will help you keep your apartment clean and organized in the long run.

Conceal dirty laundry with a lid

Most of us workaholics wash our clothes only on weekends. If this is the case with you as well, then a laundry hamper with a lid is a great way to hide away the dirty laundry. Choose a size that will accommodate a week’s collection of dirty clothes. Avoid transparent or netted laundry hampers that will reveal the clothes inside. And choose one with a lid that helps hide all those dirty clothes from plain sight.

Don’t leave the bed unattended to

You may be tempted to rush for work leaving your bed as it is. However, there is nothing that translates to a dirty room better than an unattended bed. So make sure you make your bed the first thing in the morning. This will automatically create the vision of cleanliness and organization to the rest of the room.

Don’t leave the dishes for later

Another way to keep your apartment organized is to clean the dishes promptly after meals. This way, you will not come back home or risk having someone walk into a kitchen whose drain is overflowing with dirty, smelly plates, pans, spoons and other cookware. Avoid this mess in your sink and your kitchen will look all the more cleaner.

Keep the mail sorted

What does one day’s worth of mail on the dining table going to do you may ask? But multiply that with a few weeks or months, and you will have a dining table overflowing with mails. A mail pileup is another sign of a dirty, unorganized living space. So make sure you sort through your mail on a daily basis and keep the important ones while discarding the others promptly. Also ensure to file all paperwork related to bills and other important documents so that you don’t have them lying around the house in unsightly heaps and bundles.

Keep the medicine cabinet clean

This is one of those often overlooked living spaces that can soon become messy without regular cleanup. Keep only those medicines you need while discarding unwanted or expired medications. If your medicine cabinet also doubles as a storage unit for your beauty products, consider allocating a separate drawer or cabinet for the latter. This will free up more room in your medicine cabinet for the proper organization of medications.

Throw away Knickknacks

If you are fond of collecting knickknacks on a regular basis, note that they will eventually contribute to a dirty, unkempt living space. It is best considered to relegate knickknacks to a specific area in your apartment rather than displaying them all over the house. So unless you really want to buy that flea market table and know there is room for it in your house, refrain from adding more dirt to your home via useless knickknacks.

Organizing a small living space can be a challenge indeed. However, you stand chances of keeping a small apartment clean, neat, organized and livable if you tend to follow a few basic tips on cleaning and organizing small spaces.

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