Save money while setting up your home

It seems very nice to shift in a new home, but it often add extra load to your pocket. You may find that old furniture is not going with your new room and other things look dull in front of new house. In order to make things work, you will definitely decide to buy new things that will go with the interior of your house. But, the question is, what will you do with old things and where will you keep them? Here we have different ideas to reuse old materials to make your house look different without having to spend a fortune.

Prepare a list

Prepare a list

The first thing that you can do is to prepare a list including what you need to do. This will include entire plan about the arrangements you need to do for your first apartment. It is very important to prepare an estimate budget that will help you to do the things systematically and help you to reduce the misuse of available resources.

Old door into trendy headboard

These days, headboards are in as they can add a unique and decorative look to your bed room. Earlier, it was considered as the part of furniture, but nowadays having a unique headboard is popular and you can make headboards using old and useless material. Instead of buying a new one, you can go for headboard made from old door, which can add a trendy and classy look to the room. You can easily polish or paint the headboard as per your requirement. Wooden headboards are considered best for headboards.

use old table as side table

Old table as a side table

Vintage bedside tables are very popular these days and if you want to buy such table, then it will cost you high. If you have an old table, then you can use it at the place of vintage table. Old table will look more beautiful after polish and you can polish or pain it so that it can match the headboard. Bedside table made from old table will give a vintage look to your room.

Mix and match

If you do not have curtains that can match the interiors or the walls of the house then you can buy cotton and sheer curtains instead of expensive fabrics. This is a perfect “mix and match” that can go with all types of furniture and walls. Cotton and sheer curtains gives a great look to room and do not cost much.

recycled Lamps or chandeliers

 Lamps or chandeliers

Lamps and chandeliers give a magical look to the room. You can convert old and waste bottles into different and useful decorating materials like bottleneck slices can be converted into rings to make wind chimes and lightening objects. You can use wine, liquor, water, milk and beer bottles to make shaded lamps or attractive chandeliers.

Old accessories into decorative material

If you are creative then you can make different decoration material using mailbox, wooden slat, and can make antiques from old utensils. Additionally, you can make a wine cabinet from an old dresser, and old grain sieve can be repurposed into a primitive chandelier. You can even convert old gate into a decorative material and can use it to make headboard. Creativity and your own skill are the limit here, a repurposed product can look far better than a new, expensive alternative.

Other sources

If you still want to buy things for your house so it is better to buy things from a cheap market where you can get decorative materials at affordable prices.


Decorating your new home does not always mean to spend money as you can make the use of old furniture to decorate home. Be creative and skilful to get the best out of available materials.

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