Seven sculptural planters for modern homes

Sculptural planters for modern home

If you are one amongst those who has a green thumb then artistic planters are just the right thing for your dwellings. These will not on make the surroundings fresh but also add art in your homes. There are a variety of options available in the market that ranges from hanging to surface options. Plants can liven up the whole atmosphere in a snap and make even dead spaces look vivacious. Here is a list of seven sculptural planters that have been specially designed for modern homes.

1. Awesome Dinosaur Planters

Awesome Dinosaur Planters

Dinosaurs may long be extinct but you can still keep one officially at your place to add a sense of freshness in the form of Dinosaur Planters. These attractive planters are available in 12 different shapes and colors and are a creation by an Austin based company named Plaid Pigeon. The back of each dinosaur features a succulent plant that measures 2 inches. The look of these plants gets enhanced just because these planters have been dipped in vibrant colors. Dinosaur Planters will make a great gift and will bring a smile on the face of the receiver. This will lend a cool look to inside spaces and need to be watered once in two weeks. All you have to do is keep the planter in a room that receives good amount of natural light and it will remain in a healthy state for years to come.

2. Terraform Sculptures

Terraform Sculptures

Robert Cannon has crafted sculptures that can actually grow. Named the Terraform Sculptures, these can be used to grow plants in a truly unique manner. The eye-catching planters by Robert consist of two main things namely moss and concrete. These are natural elements and are all set to give spaces a new existence. Terraform Sculptures have been fashioned in various forms that include a monster, horse face and a giant hand, to name a few.

3. Sculptural Planters

Sculptural planters

If you own a small home that lacks green decoration streaks then Sculptural Planters by Score + Solder will be a great addition to your abode. The planters are glass sculptures in actuality and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be easily hung from the ceiling of the house, which will lend a great aesthetic appeal. Sculptural Planters come wrapped in minimalism and will perfectly blend with a contemporary setup. So, swap traditional flower pots with these one of a kind designs and make your homes sparkle with a green life.

4. Golly Pods

Golly Pods

Golly Pods have a curvy outline, which will leave people mesmerized. These planters very stylish and will make modern homes sparkle even more. Golly Pods will be cast in ceramic, while its archetype has been crafted out of wood. The awesome creation looks as if it has been dipped in eternal beauty and the plants sprouting out of it will lend a serene effect to the area this planter is placed in. Golly Pods have a futuristic design and will force onlookers to shower nothing but compliments.

5. PL Series of Planters

PL Series of Planters

PL Series of Planters will force plant lovers to jump with utmost joy. These undulating plant sculptures are exquisite and look very sumptuous. The planters will pump freshness wherever they are positioned and will prove to be an innovative way of introducing plants to inside spaces. They look like a piece of delicate art and are a brainchild of Dave Demers and Marie Khouri of Collaboration. The pieces have been crafted in an organic manner that makes them all the more special.

6. Floor Planter – Vertical Bead Stripe

Floor Planter - vertical bead stripe

Michael Szabo loves to do things in a stylish yet different manner and the Floor Planter is a great exhibition of his creativity. The floor vases and table-tops by this genius can be easily recreated in the form of planters that will hold green plants. Vertical Bead Stripe is one fine creation and measures 48” x 12” x 12”. Michael can also customize designs as per a buyer’s whims and fancies in case they want to match the planter with their interiors. He clearly keeps aesthetic requirements in mind and crafts planters for specific spaces with a particular size.

7. Stiletto Heels Planters

Stiletto Heels Planters

Girls love high heeled shoes and stilettos always make their hearts skip a beat. If you have a fetish for shoes then the Stiletto Heels Planters by Rachel Mahlke will leave you wheezing. The planter is truly unique and of course very trendy. The tasteful design will sit inside fancy dwellings with utmost panache and make the surroundings ooze freshness in no time. Stiletto Heels Planters touch the highest point on the creativity graph and be a style-coated addition to your house.

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