L shaped kitchen designs

The L shaped kitchen is one of the hottest trends when it comes to kitchen designs and layouts. It includes an island that makes the kitchen very interactive, entertaining and offers multiple-chef cooking. The key factor of the popularity of this kitchen is its adaptability that makes it highly desirable. The L shaped kitchen holds many variations and goes well with any style. Be it traditional, modern or anything else, L shaped kitchen merges well with every theme.

Use small kitchen islands

Include a small kitchen island in your own L shaped kitchen to offer it extra space. Moreover, small kitchen island will add that extra flair to the décor of your kitchen while making the cooking fun and interactive.

Create space through drawers

It is always a good idea to invest in drawers as they happen to be more practical than cupboards. You can plan many wide and deep drawers in your kitchen to store almost anything you want.

Island that can be used for storage

If you lack space for storage purpose then you can opt for narrow kitchen islands decked with multiple drawers and cabinets. This will not only shoo off your storing problems, but will also make the kitchen look airy and uncluttered.

Creating a display is good idea

Hiding everything behind the solid doors isn’t a good thing to do in an L shaped kitchen. In fact, put your best items on display. Either put them on shelves or make them peep through transparent cabinets.

Make brilliant use of colors

To make your L shaped kitchen look bright and dynamic, the best option is to play with colors. It will make the kitchen look highly stylish and will also throw in the liveliness of brilliant colors.

Create visual balance

In an L shaped kitchen, there is a chance of absence of visual balance. To preserve this balance, it is advisable to put the sink under the window. This will not only offer an impact to the décor of the kitchen, but will also give you something to look at while you do your dishes.

Break the monotony

If you have plenty of space, you can put in certain pieces of furniture, pottery or plants. Remember, the idea behind this is to break the monotony and to create a more striking kitchen rich in visual appeal.

Make storage accessible

If you are short on drawer space, then it is advisable to create certain storage shelves or hanging racks that can store your bottles, spices and chunky utensils. It will not only kill the storing problem, but will also give a relaxed look to your kitchen.

Deck up the walls

Do not overcrowd the walls of the kitchen with multiple cabinets or shelves. Installing cupboards on one wall of the kitchen will be more than enough. Use artwork, images, pictures or textures to beautify the walls.

Be creative

In an L shaped kitchen, there are many possibilities for you to offer your own creative touch. Imagine and try to deck up the look of your kitchen in your own personalized way.

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