Simple tips to decorate living room

Living room is the most important space of any house where everyone meets and one gets to spend quality time with both family and friends. The room itself is special and the most popular in the house, so should be treated in a way that makes it ooze warmth and creates a very harmonious yet comfortable environment. It is generally the first room that people get to see when they enter the house, which means it should be done up in a way that will leave an everlasting impression. Below are a few tips to decorate your living room that will make it a perfect amalgamation of style and comfort, while making it all the more functional.

Simple tips to decorate a living room

1. Trick to make the room look bigger

Introduce mirrors and clear/transparent furniture to create a false spacious feel. You can opt for floor to ceiling mirrors with a decorative frame, which will give the wall a nice appeal while creating space and depth. It will also make the room look brighter by reflecting light at the same time. Using softer or neutral tones, like white and beige, will make the room seem bigger and give it an uncluttered look.

2. Bring in flowers

Introduce some fresh flowers to the room, which will perk it up in a wink. You can pick some from your garden and place them in a vibrant vase, hence bringing in a lot of freshness and vivacity. Keep the vase on the floor or place it on a table, the sweetness it spreads will remain the same.

3. Hang a collection

Hanging a collection of photos or even silver trays in various sizes will make the wall eye catching. These small yet powerful elements will create an instant effect, which will make the space nothing but highly elegant. You can also flaunt your love for art by displaying some beautiful paintings on the bare walls.

4 Rearrange furniture

The most simple and effective way to change the look of a given space is by rearranging the furniture present there. Make sure that there is enough space to move around and it gives a neat appearance. Narrow down on a focal point and place the furniture items around it in an eye pleasing way.

5. Create warmth using colors

Colors have the power to pep up moods. Choose hues that will make the living room warm and dynamic at the same time. Welcome pops of colors in the space, which will turn it from dull to lively.

6 Give the floor an interesting look

Create some visual attention by investing in a rug with an interesting pattern. This will add some palpable interest and rev up the look of the living room further. You can also use the rug to draw attention towards the piece of furniture you want to by placing the floor covering near it.

7. Introduce lamps

Liven up the area by placing lamps across the room. Opt for a lamp that will act as a decoration piece when switched off and will brighten up the space in a sensuous way when switched on.

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