Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

Space crisis is a common problem faced by the urban dwellers. The modern apartments and homes have small bathrooms where moving around gets difficult. Many of the décor components of the bathroom like the vanity unit, the toilet and the bathing unit are attached with the floor. They eat up too much of the floor space. Another problem is the odd shape of the bathroom that makes it difficult to use the floor space optimally.

 Monochrome can make bathroom look larger

Each part of the bathroom requires additional space, so the user could stand or sit comfortably without banging their head or foot. That is why you must decorate the bathroom after considering its size and your personal requirements. In the following, we have discussed some points for managing the floor space of bathroom.

Monochrome can make it larger:

A jumble of colors or dual color scheme is good for a large room like a bedroom. For the bathroom, you should pick one solid color and use it cleverly on the walls. Choose a color that suits your taste and the theme of the bathroom and use its different shades to make the bathroom appear larger and more interesting at the same time. Soft pastel shades or neutral shades are good for creating an illusion of space.

Get a corner sink:

There are all sorts of sinks available in the market. The vanity units come with one or two sinks attached with it at the same time. If there is no space in your bathroom for an elaborated vanity unit, then go for a small corner sink for your bathroom. Corner sinks save floor space and let you move around more freely. Installing the sink on the opposite side of the showering unit may create space issues.

 Shower curtains and sliding doors

Shower curtains and sliding doors:

Do not install shower units that have glass doors you need to pull or push. Opt for shower units with sliding doors, if your bathroom is moderately big, and use shower curtain, if the space is small. Shower curtains slide aside and do not restrict movements inside a small bathroom. Luckily, shower tubs are available in all sizes to suit your needs. The 60-inch bathing tubs fit into cramped spaces.

Get some flexible lighting:

Lighting plays an important role in modern home décor. Make the lights easily adjustable by adding a dimming switch with it. Ambience lighting and spot lighting are also good options for changing the ambience inside the bathroom. Flexible lighting lets you get ready for parties or work and creates a soothing mood when you want.

 Vertical storage is the way to go

Vertical storage is the way to go:

Make shelves on the walls and leave space on the floor for uninterrupted movement. The best place for building a shelf is the wall just above the door. You can keep bathing essentials and store monthly toiletries here.

Play with mirrors:

Mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of space. In small bathrooms mirror can be used for making the space appear larger through reflection. Natural light reflects on the mirror and the bathroom looks brighter than usual.

 Don’t opt for dark shaded wood

Don’t opt for dark shaded wood:

Wood tapestry and shelves look great inside a bathroom. Darker colored woods absorb more light and make the bathroom appear darker and smaller. That is why you should always choose light colored wood for the shelves and décor inside the bathroom.

Keep the floor clutter free:

Put the trash can just outside the bathroom and the laundry bag in the nearest closet or the bedroom. Use a single rug instead of too many different mats on the floor. Increase the floor space for making the room appear bigger.


There are several ways of making a small bathroom space appear larger. Optimal use of the floor space is necessary for this purpose.

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