Simple Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Autumn Season

The winters are approaching and for those who love to take care of their lawn, it is high time that you get prepared to make your lawn ready to face the fall. Autumn is one of the most favorable seasons to take care of your lawn. During the fall, you to prepare your lawn, so it could resist the cold weather and look healthy, lush and full of life. The following tips will help you take good care of your lawn during the cold weather.Fertilizing the lawn

Fertilizing the lawn:

In order to provide strength and keep the lawn grass healthy, it is essential that you use proper fertilizers. Fertilizers also help the grass to retain nutrients and moisture for the upcoming spring season. Although the growth of the grass may seem to stop or slow down, the roots still work in order to save their food and energy for the next season. It is recommended to perform a soil test in order to choose the best fertilizer for your lawn. Another option is to make use of a fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium (NPK) in the ratio 3:1:2 or 4:1:2 respectively. While applying the fertilizer, carefully read the instructions given on the packet and make use of a calibrated spreader. Several attachments are available at the markets, which help in even distribution of the fertilizer. It is better to start applying the fertilizer well in advance, so that the plants start storing their nutrients.


Aerating is the process of removing the soil and thatch from your soil, so that oxygen, water and fertilizers reach the grass roots easily. This also enhances the growth of the microorganisms that are beneficial to the plant growth. You can achieve proper aerating through numerous ways, including the use of plug aerator, dethatcher, riding mower or even with the help of a landscaping contractor.

lawn Mulching


Mulching is a very important process that converts the waste materials, such as dried leaves of your garden, into nutritious organic matter. Fall is the best time to do mulching. This is a good way to prevent your lawn from being throttled by the dead and dried leaves. Mulching is also useful in retaining the moisture content of the sol. While you can remove the small amount of leaves with the help of a mulching mower, raking is useful for composting large quantities of dried leaves. However, make sure to mulch the leaves when they are dry. In order to finish your mulching work quickly, it is better to use a suitable mower with useful attachments and features.


A compost pile helps to convert the organic matter of the soil into a nutrient enriched soil. With fall comes the best time to create a compost pile using materials, such as veggies, grass, leaves and other such organic matter that act as sources of nutrients. You can easily collect the organic material from your lawn by attaching a rear bagger with your lawn mower, which can then be added to the compost pile.

Give a makeover to bald spots

Give a makeover to bald spots:

The best time to repair bald and bare patches of your lawn is right before winters. The most easy and rapid method to achieve this is the use of a lawn repair mixture which is available at many shops and home centers. The best way to apply the repair mixture is using a drop spreader that helps in even application of the spread.

Removing weeds:

Last but not the least; it is essential that you take off weeds from the lawn, as they take away the nutrients required by the grass.


If you want your lawn green and healthy throughout the year, these tips will help in keeping your lawn fresh during the winters as well as will make it stronger and prepared for the next spring season.

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