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Simple ways to elegantly decorate your living room

The living room is a place which takes you back to all the memories you have had cherished till this day and will keep cherishing. A place where sharing a hearty laugh, witnessing an unbreakable bond, playing mild pranks, sharing deep sorrows are a common spectacle. A place, which is a permanent abode to many such nostalgic reminiscence and will continue to do so, a true reflection of your own identity. Let your living room be a clear manifestation of your own identity. Add a unique personality to it so that it can speak volumes about you and if you feel it speaks otherwise then it is time to go for a quick revamp.

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Budget is the name of the game

A living room should be showcasing your own personality and not somebody else’s so budget it accordingly. A clear budget will allow you to remove the unnecessary things and focus on the more important ones.

Declutter it

Clutter can make even the most finest of rooms look shabby. Try getting rid of the unwanted furniture that might be lying in your room for years. Make an attempt to create a little space for you and your imagination so that you can carve out your own niche.

Get rid of things that don’t work

Sometimes a table, a sofa, a reclining chair might be a total mismatch with the surroundings which means it is time to bid them a farewell. In order to reanimate your living room it is important to replace it with a new stylish, sleek and sophisticated version of the same.

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Color it and make it bright

Infuse nice colors into your living room. Rev up your walls with nice paint. If you are a chirpy person then colors like yellow and blue will go well with your personality and if you are the one who believes in ‘simplicity as the ultimate sophistication’ then colors like white and beige will be your favorite.

Get the right lights

Lightings can either make or break you mood. It can either lift you up or sink you down in depression. It is important that the lights be placed strategically to keep the room lit brightly throughout the day. You can also place decorative scented candles to lift your mood.

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Reminding you of your roots

Personalize your living room with mantels, bookshelves and wall art. You can also adorn the walls with photographs of friends, families and relatives who remind you of your roots and create a constant yearning for you come back every day.


Your living room mirrors your own identity so rev it up in a manner that every time you sit; it should remind you of who you really are and from where you belong.