Small bedroom designs

Decorating small living spaces without compromising on the aesthetic appeal and necessary furniture items can prove to be a tough task. However, the atmosphere you create depends solely on you. Turn your small bedroom into a chill out zone with these clever and creative designs, which will turn your not-so-spacious bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Take a look at these small bedroom designs.

Small space bedroom designs with mobile bed by Espace Loggia

Instill a sense of minimalism in your den with this stylishly crafted ‘mobile bed’ by Espace Loggia. The wall bed will leave a lot of extra space for you to place your favorite pieces of furniture, which you would have otherwise left because of space issues. When not in use, the bed can be hidden on the ceiling and as dusk sets in, bring it back from the roof and slip into a cozy world of dreams.

Designs for small bedroom by Clei

Want to inject some life in that small room, which you hate the most? Then the exciting and interesting design idea by Clei will leave you impressed. It is the style of today and will fulfill all the needs of housing in a small sized apartment as all the elements can be transformed easily. Shades of purple and pink have been used, which set the mood and make the vivacious. The aesthetically arranged room will blend perfectly with the mood of teenagers, especially girls.

Serene bedroom design in San Francisco

If you love natural light and hate the thought of sacrificing your privacy, then the Serene bedroom design will win your heart in no time at all. The brilliant combination of white walls and light colored wood lifts up the mood of the space, giving it a calm and airy appeal. The presence of big windows allows natural light to kiss the inside space, hence creating a soothing atmosphere.

Small romantic bedroom with DIY photo idea

There are endless ways to make a minimalist bedroom design interesting and not all have to be complex. The bedroom comes smothered with passionate presentation, which will infect senses as it spreads seductive warmth all around. From the bed to the walls, everything spells style. The placement of furniture pieces and raw walls has a charm of its own, which gives the space a vintage appeal and infuses a sense of opulence.

Small dramatic bedroom designs by Simone Micheli

The simple bedroom design has a rhythmic appeal, which looks very pretty and fashionable. Small dramatic bedroom by Simone Micheli is a joy to look at and arrests attention. What sets this room apart is the magical aura created by tasteful blue LED perimeter lighting. The romantic bedroom and the city become one because of an osmosis design philosophy that will wow people. The space, set on a serene white backdrop, gets underlined by the use dramatic use of LED lights. The backlit furniture and flow of light through various sections of the room has the power to leave everyone mesmerized.

Teen Vogue vedroom by Tori mellott

Teenagers like everything bright and the Teen Vogue bedroom has been designed after sensing this fact. Tori Mellott, the designer of this room, has tried to play with colors and spills a neat look. The effervescent mood of the room will fit perfectly with the personality of teenagers. It comes complete with a study table and shelves to keep books. The use of color white lends a chic appeal and at the same time makes the space look larger.

Small bedroom design with built-in bunks

People living in small spaces have to be creative when it comes to designing a room. A clever way to pack more sleeping space is the use of bunk beds. Built-in bunks beds are not only cool, but also an ideal solution for small bedrooms. These will let your cramp in all the necessary furniture items, as bunks free the volume of your room and make it available for all your desires to squeeze in extra furnishing.

Beautiful small bedroom design: LGM 02 bed

Take a gander at the LGM 02 bed that comes with the power to transform into a bookcase/desk. The bed helps achieve a stylish look and won’t ask you to compromise on the comfort level. It has a slatted base, which doubles as a shelf in the morning with just a trouble-free movement.

Ikea small bedroom design

A small bedroom has all the right to make a style statement. Whatever the size of your room is, it still gets crowned as your personal sanctuary. Giving this private space a touch of glamour is the Ikea small bedroom design, which will prove to be just the thing you have been looking for. The trendy setup with cool interiors will sure make a lasting impression. It will blend well with people of different personalities and can be further decorated to their liking.

Small bedroom design by ModLoft

Small bedroom design by ModLoft will help you fashion the space carefully and that too in a subtle manner. The furniture items will splash luxury and shine into the room, while perfectly giving it an enchanting streak. The bed has been styled in a contemporary and modern way, creating a simple yet delightful space.

Small kids bedroom by Giessegi

Small kids require a lot of space in their rooms to store their books, toys and play inside the comfort of their room. However, they are usually crunched for space in a small sized room. The bedroom design by Giessegi is filled with colors and will accommodate everything a child needs. The bubbly room has everything a child needs, which includes slide beds and writing desks as well. The design is quite practical and will flexibly allow limitless layout possibilities.

Small space bedroom by Murphy Collection

This bedroom by Murphy Collection is a perfect solution to create extra space. The bed has been made to hand in mid air with the help of a frame that is attached to ceiling. This unfurls a spacious floor, which can be further exploited as per the needs of a user. Place a study table, computer table or a beautifully carved couch, the choice is yours.

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