Small living room decorating ideas

Limited space doesn’t mean compromising on home decor, just let the imagination flow and team it with smart ideas to make the living room appear bigger and spacious. Living room is not only the center of a house, but also the face of it as all the guests get to see the living room to form an impression about the entire house. With right furniture and wise decor, even the smallest of living room can create a lasting impression. If your living room is small, then here are some of the decorative ideas, which will not only make your living room appear spacious, but also win you accolades for the fabulous aesthetics of the house.

Open up your living room

The most important aspect for decorating a small living room is by opening it up through the right kind of furniture. Avoid cluttering and go minimalistic. Pick up furniture that give the feeling of open space such as pieces with exposed legs and coffee tables with tampered glass. Try and bring the harmony between the furniture pieces by placing chairs parallel to each other and on either side of the main sitting sofa. Try and avoid placing too many furniture pieces and leave enough space to move around. Also, place the main piece of furniture such as the sofa against the largest wall. Keep size of the furniture in mind while purchasing it. You can also use multipurpose furniture to save space.

Double vision with mirror

You will be surprised to know how a mirror can be a quick fix solution for space crunch in living room as a space enhancer. Placing a large mirror opposite the window will not only create the feeling of spaciousness, but will also brighten up your living room by increasing the light. You can also use mirrors as stylish decorative pieces at the top of the mantelpiece for the mirror effect on the living room. Just be creative and see where and how you can place mirrors in your living room. The double vision of mirror works wonderfully and the living room also has a modern aesthetical appeal to it.

Vertical and horizontal stripes

Vertical stripes in fashion create the illusion of height and the horizontal stripes create the illusionary width. Magic of stripes works the same way in home decor. Painting the room with narrow vertical stripes works wonderfully with the low ceiling room and the horizontal stripes will stretch the room. However, be careful with the shade and color of paint. Pick up coordinating colors for the right effect. Constraint colors will convert your living room into a dramatic space. Stripes are the tries and tested solution to create spacious effect.

No more floor hogging

The accent furniture such as CD racks, book shelves are undoubtedly significant to add up to the decor of the living room, but also make the small living room too crowded. Clear the floor with these storage furniture and look for vertical, wall mounted storage space. There are lots of beautiful, interesting and creative wall mounted shelves available in the market that will solve your storage problem without making the living room appear too cluttered. The wall mounted shelves also add up to the aesthetics of your living room. However, don’t overdo it by filling up all the walls with shelves, do it judiciously for the desired effect.

Paint your ceiling lighter than walls

Painting the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls is also a way to create and maintain the spaciousness of the small living room. The lighter paint on ceiling will create the illusionary height from the floor to the ceiling. Pick up pale monochromatic shades such as beige and pale greens to highlight the clean lines of your furniture while neutralizing the space.

Add right lighting effect

One reason of small living room looking claustrophobic is the lack of natural or appropriate lighting in the room. Add some light to brighten up the small living room. But you don’t need to fill the table or floor space with lamps, instead of opting for wall mounted sconce that will also add up to the glamour to the room. Also, if there is not enough of natural light in the living room, stay away from dark paint shades on the wall. Pale, light shades will bring in the feeling of spaciousness in your living room.

Sheer curtains and drapes

When your living room is small, the idea is to make it look as open as possible. Dark and heavy textured drapes and curtains will create a closed feeling to the room making it appear gloomy and claustrophobic. Sheer or semi-transparent light weight drapes will let the natural light come to the room, making it look spacious and airy. It will also add to the softness of the room and will add life to your living room.

Extend the same decor to adjoining room

There is no dearth of ideas for the decor of small living room. One such idea is to decorate the adjoining room to your living room with the same material and paint. It will create an extension of your living room and add more space to it. Mostly living room has an adjoining dining space. Decorate the entire space in same theme, so that the dining space appears to be a part of the living room.

Pick up right furniture

When you have limited space in the living room, you must pick up right furniture to avoid making the room appear cluttered. Armless accent chairs, ottomans and low benches are the most judicious furniture options for small living rooms. Try not to block doors and windows while placing the furniture. Choose light, soft and airy colors for the furniture fabric. If you wish to cover the floor, opt for area rug in solid color or patterned not to appear busy. Leaving fair and equal amount of space between the rug and walls will make your living room look spacious.

Widen the floor

Widening the floor doesn’t mean that you have to expand your living room literally. All you have to do is to create the illusion of space through right flooring. Try and avoid carpeting your living room as it cramps the vision in the room. Laminated wooden flooring is the most appropriate choice for living room with limited space. Tiles add horizontal lines on the floor to highlight the width of the floor.

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