Smart home technology and artificial intelligence sets a new standard in home automation


The start of a new era for homes came into existence when different products were launched with a revolutionary technology that converted our homes into smart ones. The next level took it a little further when artificial intelligence came into the picture in the form of voice assistants. Now a new concept is coming in which is combining the two powerful most innovations of the modern times into one. This is the introduction of a new prototype for a home hub. The concept behind this is using the visual input method along with teachable programming. Let us look at a few more interesting facts about this new combination.

Introduction of devices that can make your regular things at home into a smart one

Just imagine if you can get a device, which can help you to teach the computer about what you would like it to do. For example, you can have a device, which is compatible with a smart home and brings in a little twist. This device will come with different cameras spread across the device so that you get a complete look of your room. It isn’t something new, but the twist here is, what if you had the power to train this device to respond to different gestures and motions. Along with that, you can also teach it to recognize where every object is stored in the room or even recognize the different people of the house. Now this would surely be something interesting, won’t it?

So why make such a concept?

Presently all smart home devices come with either a hub or a smartphone app. With this idea, the you can use your natural language and existing skills, instead of a remote control or mobile phone, to train the device. Along with that, you do not have to worry about the different installations steps and procedures that you have to go thorough to configure your device. With all these various benefits, you can get your new system up, ready, and train it to listen to you without any hassles.

Let us have a look at an ideal scenario of how this new concept will work

Let us take a typical scenario where you have a personal assistant that listen to your orders of turning the shower on when you want it. Now a look at a new way will be that your personal assistant will not just wake you up but also go ahead and keep the hot water ready for you without you having to say so. In layman’s term, you do not have to do anything. Just by setting or programming a new device that can connect to your smart home or connected home, it automatically does everything for you without you having to say a thing or lift your finger.

Pre-Set and customized settings

While you do have the benefit of having pre-set settings that can make it easy for you to operate your device, the benefit of this new system is that you also have a chance to customize it the way you want. So what does this mean?

The answer is simple, you can make this device totally your own and also use the advantage of the preset setting that come along with it for your benefit. Each smart home system that is there in the market today comes with a variation, what is interesting about this new concept is that you also get the benefit of an artificial intelligence that is cloud enabled. This will become your companion, your friend, you partner and even save you the time of doing things by yourself.

Technology is evolving fast

In the past few years, we have seen an evolution in technology. It is happening so fast that within the blink of an eye, something new is hitting the shelves, and taking things to a different level. You can surely say that the mad scientists are really using their grey cells to make human life advanced with what once was just an imagination or a thing in a Sci-Fi movie. As they say, the conversion of reel life to real life.

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