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Smart ways you can save energy in the kitchen

Misuse of energy is one of the biggest problems that we are facing these days. Going eco friendly is a perfect solution for this problem and there can be no better way that to start it from our kitchen. If you enjoy or love cooking, then it becomes very important for you to know how and where to save power in the kitchen. This will not only help you to go environment friendly but also will help you to reduce your electricity bill. There are different methods through which you can save energy in your kitchen and we have discussed some of them in the following.

Say no to Icemaker


Switching to an icemaker can be very helpful to make ice faster but at the same time, it increases the energy consumption of a refrigerator by 14 to 20 percent. It is better to switch off the icemaker and go for an ice tray. This will help you to save measurably on your energy use and the utility bill. You can also replace the icemaker space to add extra space in the refrigerator.

Unplug the beer fridge

beer fridge

If you are a beer lover, you should try this thing. Most of us have an extra fridge and we use it as drinks or beer storage. This will automatically add extra burden on the electricity consumption and bill. Therefore, it is better to unplug beer fridge in cold weather, especially during winters. You can shift some bottles to the main fridge to keep them fresh for long time. Try to keep the fridge three quarter full in order to maintain a balanced mass and temperature inside it.

Let the natural light in

Natural light

Natural light can make your kitchen look refreshing and bright. There is no need to turn lights on during the daytime. Keeping the lights off during the daytime can help you to reduce the electricity bill and save the energy. You can install sunroofs in the kitchen, as this will allow daylight to come inside the kitchen. You can also go for French doors, Ross doors, and windows. This will help you to get the natural light in during the daytime.

Wash utensils with hands

Wash utensils with hands

Washing utensils with hands can be very tricky and time consuming but it can help you to reduce the water consumption. This will also help you to reduce the electricity consumption, as it will automatically cut down your annual electricity bill. Washing utensils with hands can reduce the chances of several allergies and it is hygienic too. The other this you can do is to wash small utensils with hands and other big utensils in dishwasher.

Cook smart

cooking special

Smart cooking is a technique of cooking without using more energy. The best way to reduce the energy consumption is to cover the pot while cooking. This will help the food cook much quicker. Always try to soak grams before cooking them. In this way, food will cook perfectly and quickly.

Go for energy efficient appliances

energy efficient

Go for energy efficient appliances is another better option to cut down the electricity consumption. All you need to consider that not all kitchen appliances are energy efficient appliances. Therefore, it is better to choose or buy such kitchen appliances that are eco friendly or energy efficient too.

Save water

save water_ 1

Save on water is the most important thing that you can do while in the kitchen. Misuse of water will not create problem for you but also create problem for future generations. It is better to repair dripping taps to save water.

Saving energy can help you to reduce your annual electricity bill. This will help you to save on energy and money too. There are different ways to save energy in your kitchen.