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Smeller takes the guesswork out of smelling for amateur home cooks

Most of us are born equipped with a nose that functions well
enough to tell us when something smells funny. Thanks to evolution, our noses
tell us when a particular kind of food has gone bad or when it isn’t fit to eat

However, modern food packaging, deodorizing features in our fridges
and processing of foods often masks smells that would usually indicate when
food has gone bad. Sometimes, storing foods like bananas in the fridge also
causes them to over ripen which may look rotten to the eye but may in fact be
perfectly edible.

Since the economy isn’t too good around the world and not
everyone can afford to throw food away at the first sign of it appearing bad, determining
a food’s freshness based on its smell becomes even more vital. But if you aren’t
too experienced at telling the freshness of a food based on its smell alone,
you would have a hard time using this method to determine the goodness of a particular

And that is where a product like the Smeller could come in really
handy. The Smeller, like its name suggests, is a device that can take the guesswork
out of the smelling process for people. 

Fitted with enhanced sensitivity for
smells, the device can measure the freshness or rottenness of a food item much
more accurately than an average person can. The device can also be used to
gauge whether a particular food item can still be consumed despite slight
deterioration through germ killing methods like grilling or frying or whether it
has totally gone bad.

Created by Hee Tae Yang, the Smeller could be a great tool
for shoppers who can test produce for freshness before buying them. The touch
enabled smeller can also share your recorded smells on social media though we aren’t
sure how your friends would react to that.

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