Space-saving modular bathroom tower folds up when not in use

Modular bathrooms are not a new concept. They have been around for ages and have evolved in every form and shape that one could have wanted. However, there aren’t many designs that cater exclusively to very small bathrooms and smaller apartments that could use any extra saved space. The Vertebrae bathroom by designer Paul Hernon, however, looks to spin everything you knew about modular and space saving bathrooms on its head, or its spine.

The concept behind the unique bathroom design is to promote space optimization in the bathroom without asking a user to give up on the use of the kind of comforts a larger bathroom could give them. Much like a Swiss army knife, the bathroom too features a number of modules that are attached to a central, rotating spine.

Each module in the spine is also given a specific function. For example, the bottommost, immobile module houses the toilet bowl, the module above it houses the sink, the ones above it offer storage for towels and toiletries, the one above them houses the cistern and the two topmost modules feature two showerheads, presumably to allow two people to shower at the same time. The 8 feet tall structure is made using a compact steel column and is finished with polished hand welded seams and 3mm aluminum. 

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